Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Pictures from past months...

Here's Mama dear and Esther...And three of our five young men playing in the yard. Aren't they just, darling?
Carlo with a mouth full, LOL.
And our two mama's! (This was taken before William was born.)Cleveland and some of 'ze dear small ones!
Allot has been going on at the farm of late...isn't the garden looking wonderful!? Daddy is amazing.'s one of the calfies. Cute little thing.
Our beloved Daddy's birthday was in August...Dee and Joe on the horse...Goodness, this is s special picture. :) After a long day, 'o sisters of mine! ;)
Mr. L. H. has been building our farm website! We are so grateful for all his hard work, and are looking forward to sharing the results with you all. :)
Daddy building a friend's barn a few weeks ago...
Summer sunrises are glorious!
LOL!! How cute is this!?
Bretski and his 'Mawth'
The deck is almost done. We've really been enjoying it! Just a little more screening and painting to do...
Working on invitations for a New Year's get together here on the farm....Ink and Paper
Oh, y'all-this is too cute-the other day Critter (Michael III) came hopping through the front door exclaiming "glashes!! Sheee?? my glashes!?" LOL. He was so cute several of us insisted on having our picture made with him. (here's the sweetie and his Grandmama.) LOL, after a little while, the poor child's "glashes" started to fog over and he had a hard time deciphering his toy choices 'till we wiped them for him! :) He keeps the whole farm laughing...
And here's Paul and his watermelons! This little man grew them himself, and he was tickled pink about it!! His sweet Granddaddy bought quite a few of them from him, and ya'll, that just made his month! It was so precious.
We must not forget 'De Beastling, Smokey! He likes Mama's planter as a bed-LOL, it looks so cute! Yeah, he a good mouser, too...
Oh, and we were so blessed to go down to FL and see our dear C.'s and all the other wonderful folks down there!! The C.'s house is looking beautiful and is really coming along. Above, Mama and Aunt L. enjoy visiting, and A. contemplates stalking G. and her plate. (Just kidding, honey. ;D)
Mama dear said we should call this one "The Three Musketeers" :D Ah, two of my dearest friends in the world, they are!! I'm missing Katie in this one...
Aren't they precious!!? Ah, thank the Lord for such dear, dear parents...We went to the beach while we were down there, and had a blast!! Here's Cleve....
...and the menfolk with their surfing boards.
Oh! And we got lots of chickens, too! I love their color-I think they are called Golden Nuggets. The little, well, younger, (our Five Little Indians are growing up so quickly...ah! they are so precious...) Anyway, our younger boys have been doing such a wonderful job of diligently taking care of them. We're really looking forward to eggs one day!

Well, have a very blessed evening, y'all. I've got to run-we girls are putting up our summer clothes and bringing out the cozy fall/winter stuff!! That's always so fun. But we are determined to finish it tonight, and not have a single pile of clothes left in sight before we go to bed!! You know how that one (or two) little pile of clothes stays on a chair for a week or longer, or a little longer waiting to be hemmed, taken to Hope House, etc.? Ahh! "No more, quoth they!! no stitch of clothing shall be left unturned! no stack of raiment shall be seen in all the room! No shoe out of place-!" Anyway. We'll see. :) But, Lord willing, we shall do it!!

Then I'd better go!!

Goodnight, and may your sleep be sweet!!



Ah, hello, dears!!
How I've missed each of you. How are y'all doing!? I hope well. Isn't this fall weather simply luscious!? (I'm sure I've been saying that allot lately, but it is so pretty that one can not help talking about it!! Weather is such a joy...) This afternoon, Mama dear, Sam, Edwin, Paul and I were coming home from delivering the CSA, and we were driving down these back roads, and-ah!! The white cotton fields, the lakes spotting the country side here and there, looking like shining glass with the afternoon sun light on them-green grass, blue sky, that October sky, with picture perfect clouds across it...and if you've ever been in Georgia when it's peanut and cotton season, well-you should see it. It is glorious. All along the country roads, you see on either side of the them, a scattering of white cotton that has blown from the looks like a sprinkling of little bits of cloud on both sides of the road...Oh, and air. I love the way air smells. It smells like Fall time now. The Lord is so good to give us such beautiful seasons to enjoy!!

Well. Goodness. So much has been happening around here since I last posted in July or there abouts. So many delightful memories have been made, babies born, birthdays had, travels traveled! And so much more to come, Lord willing, in the next few months. I know that God will give us grace and mercy, as He always has. We serve such a faithful Lord! Maybe sometime in January (that's when our schedule starts to let up. LOL. ;D) I would love to catch up in detail on the wonderful events and life that we've had this past July, August, September and most of October. But, until then, I thought I would give y'all a quick overview and share a few of our favorite pictures from the past few months, and give y'all the biggest bites of news and family happenings!!

So, here goes, y'all!!
First of all, one of the most important things that has happened since we last posted, has been the arrival of our newest darling grand baby, William Stone Morton!! Ah, so much joy this baby is, so much to be thankful for in this man! So much to share about him, but, alas, I must move on...With him's Grand Daddy...
A more recent pictures of our sweetheart...
Isn't he just, incredible!!? He is one beautiful child! God is so, so gracious.
Joe just loves him. :)
Alan and Katie and their sweet blessings are doing very well! Don't they look great!!? Check our Esther's grin in the picture above!! Such a darling baby girl...
Alan and his precious children...Katie and her little girl...
And A&K...

And, 'tis late. Must get slumbers, so off I scurry-hope to finish this tomorrow!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Much Love,

Adeline, on behalf of my dear family