Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ordinary Days

Good afternoon, Mon Cheris!

Well, here's me and Marth, giving a happy hall-ooos and hug to you!

So much to tell you about! But, 'till a post about the Style Show weekend (we had such an incredible time with so many precious ladies!) here is a massive post about life here on the farmling of late. Lots of pictures-be sure you're well hydrated and have food on hand if you're hypoglycemic. Or just a munchie. ;) (You should eat healthier, lovie. That has partially hydrogenated soy bean oil in it.)

Oh! Real quick-guess what? A bit of flower news-our Confederate Jasmine (I love that name!) is alive and well, and making the back porch smell heavenly at this very moment. We're trying to train it to go up the back porch and then on up the the top decks...wouldn't that be so wonderful? And our hydrangea bush is still blooming! Hehe, can you believe that? 'Course I already told you about that. Flowers just touch my heart. For years we've been trying to get them' thangs' to do something besides wither and fade. Or get hacked to death by well meaning Zorros. (I love those boys.) Mother dearest and Samuel have been so good about watering everything, and our dear plantlings have responded to their tender loving care. They are wonderful.
So...on to 'ze post...Here is the afore mentioned Mama, icing a cake. We gathered close by for this. :)
Paul, our wet wonder! Joe, watching the slip and slide show with concern from the porch one afternoon we all got together to play in the water. :)

I loved each of these so much I just had to post them all. :) Little girls are wonderful.
William & Wallace
"Bring me Wallace! With fries, if possible. Tater tots-just as good." Piranha.

(Carloie wasn't as impressed with our shin dig as we were)

Preparing to launch, continuing a grand and glorious tradition in Mortondom!
Off he slides...
Contented. ;)
Marfa Girl
John getting air time.
It was too fun having the girls and their babies over. :) Love you Rach! And Joey you are too beautiful. :D

(He's thinking- "I can't believe I fell for this. Bustin' my rear out there on that infernal plastic. Ah. Yes mother. That toe. A little to the left.")

"You will not believe what I have been through tonight!"
;) He actually loved it. I love you, Critter!
Woofie comes in from the water to ensure the icing of the cake is proceeding on as planned.

( It's too fun having "the neighbor kids" be your nephews and nieces at the same time. :)

Essie Cakes
Wally Bear, you are pure joy.

Ah, I'm so glad Summer's here. That afternoon was a blast.

Recently the G. family came up for a visit-we enjoyed the visit and were so blessed by all they did in the barn-thanks so much y'all, for the delightful visit and help. God bless each of you!
Kressy and Mrs. A. at church one morning. This was right before Isa arrived. (obviously;)

I could just kick myself for never getting all three of our showing mommies at Church together in the same picture. Alas. Anyway, here's two of them! Aren't they cute?And the dear R. family!! May God bless them. We had such a fabulous time with these sweet folks. They were coming through GA and we were so thrilled to meet them at last. (Hello, y'all! Hope to see you again soon! :)
Our beloved Daddy
This fence post has seen allot of things. Mr. Danny Copeland helped us build it back when I was a very little girl. What a blessing.
Sprinkler adjusting...The spigot. I wonder how many times a thirsty person has been refreshed by this? This picture is my favorite. It is very special, because he is looking over a day's hard work. I am so glad I was able to get this almost sacred part of my father in a picture. It is so good to stop, observe and take joy in your work. Sewing on the third floor early one morning, I got to watch the sun come up. It was breathtaking.
Daddy Darling, doing some dishes one Sunday night. He is just too sweet.
Our # junky hot spot in the whole house. :) And our new phone!! That has an answering machine! So now, when you call and we can't pick up, you can now leave a message. We may or may not get back with you in a timely manner, but at least you can leave one. ;)
All the Roberts kids and Joel R. came over one day to visit...we had such a great time with them!
One of the loveliest things about spring is digging in the flower beds...
Cleve built these chicken pens for the broilers we are raising. They are working charmingly. (They're in the pasture now.)
Pauly Man
Found this stunning moth on the Indian Hawthorn bush in our front yard. God is an incredible Creator!
Awaiting planting.
Ta da!! Michael Jr. brought us a gift of some of his own asparagus one evening. Isn't it beautiful?
We enjoyed it super much. Thanks, dear Miguel!
When there is no wide angle lens, use a pitcher! A little distorted, LOL, but you can see almost the entire dining room. (And my dear blue polka dot apron I made-I woves it!)
At a clan pizza party one night, Wallace enjoys his Papa's hat as an alternative to the menu.
I had to post this because it made me laugh so hard. It takes talent to get everyone a their worst! ;) I love my family...
Those are anchovies. 'Twas my fault.
We found out our family does not care for anchovies.
Cleve, my big bro!
Katie darling, with her littlest munchie about to walk home in the cold after our party. His precious little feetsies sticking out are too cute!
Mama Love, with the beautiful roses Daddy brought her on Valentines. (we love you Mama!)"The Mouse Chase-a moving epic of daring and stealth. A must see."

-The Times
Sir Cleve after a long day...
My heartfelt decorations for Andrew's birthday, describing all the wonderful things he is...

One of the little boys thought it said "Fiend".

I suppose my depiction of one of his 'bestest' friends (me or Marth) rather fits that description... ;)

I wonder why John-Jon looks so frightened?
"Mother-save me! They have alighted!"

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