Saturday, December 31, 2011


...the Lord puts a family in your life and the lives of those around you, that is very very special. And even though it may be years or months before you see them again, they remain in everyone's heart, and mind, and thoughts.

A family that, until we see their faces, or hear their laugh in person, or give them a big, huge hug and share cups of coffee all around or sing together again, those things-the laughter, the coffee, the singing-it'll just be missing something. When you're looking around the room at so many of the people you love, and their faces are not here and there amongst them, you miss them. Or when you're laughing as you look through old pictures and then you get a big lump in your throat that won't go away, and then you're laughing and crying at the same time...not a gloomy, hopeless missing, but a joyful, ache missing, the missing you have when you're in the will of God and you really love a family.

And when we're joyous, we'll think of y'all and miss you-and when we're sad, we'll know you're praying for us.

The time apart will only mean a longer slide show when we see you again, or longer stories from around the living room, as we all sit together, coffee in hand, with the fire crackling, with Mr. Rick's antics and Mr. Fritz slapping his knee and Daddy's can't-really-breath laugh, Uncle Marc's hilarious roar...children running around and cards in the dining room and late nights and guitar jamming sessions and cook outs and charades and Frisbee-Daisy's piano playing and a Church meeting Sunday morning that gives you chill bumps because all the men's words weave together like a tapestry...

Living together as Christian brothers and sisters is so glorious...I know we've all said it allot, but we miss each of
them and love them more then can be written down.

Just know all your families are all over here on the other side of the world missing and lovin' you, always.

I just wanted to post a few pictures of the last few day they were in the country.
We had the honor of having them over for supper a few nights before they left. (Wesley is obviously enjoying himself. Cutie. That boy can eat.)True Love-it's so beautiful to watch!
"Psst!! Sam! Where's the meal?" ;P
(next time I'll try and have the protein ready on time. Bless every body's hearts. "I like putting allot of, uh, raw, in their diet.")
Bella has a beautiful voice. And 'a course Cleve and 'Kota's playing is amazing.Kress and Isa!
And Keni Ken and Isa. LOL. Isa looks like she's about to start attacking something. Scary but very cute.
Singing together...
Friday there was a going away party at the H.'s. Above, a little group looks at the scrapbook everybody in our Church put together for the D.'s. (Mrs. J. is a scrapbooker extraordinaire, by the way)
There was singing...
...and a grill out with cheesecakes for dessert! (oh yes...)

And there was allot of words from way down in people's hearts, and allot of tears.
On our last Sunday with them here, we planned an all-day get-together. Above is dear Uncle Marc with little E. H.s.
Morning greetings. (that slurping is enchanting, Zack. ;D )
Bella Boo
C&L (love, love this picture!)
Love our Daisy Doo!
(Dakota wasn't much for the hummis, I suppose... ;)
(I can just hear Alyssa saying, with half a laugh "ahhh, uhhh!! I see!")The sunset was so beautiful that evening.
And then it got dark, and the day was over.
And we all said goodbye.
And it was really really hard to say goodbye.
But we did.
This picture is the one that's in our hearts. There we all are! ('cept the dear R. Roberts, Sander and Smith families)

By Cleve's pergola, laughing and joking and smiling and lovin' each other.

And we're still doing that, just now, some of it's over skype. :)

"Finally, brethren, farewell.

Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace shall be with you. Greet one another with an holy kiss. All the saints salute you.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen."

~1 Corinthians 13, 11-13

Sunday, December 25, 2011

WW-The Day They Were Joined as One

(Kind Observers,
I hope you're having a lovely evening! Now that all the luscious hub-ub of December and New Years is over, we're back to posting! Enjoy.
Love, AGM)

Shuffles. Yawns. It's still dark outside. A half whispered word.
Then breathlessness.
The realization that the day, the day Cleveland gets married, is today. He's putting his tie on. Today, for his wedding. Daddy's standing next to him. Daddy's been waiting for this day for a while, too.

Today is a joyous day. It's the day we have been praying for for a long time. This is the Lord's doing, and it is so very very marvelous in our eyes.
John helps Edwin with his collar... The Groom ties his shoes...
I remove curlers...
Paul needing help with his tie...Marth moments before the sneeze...The art of combing...
The buttoning...
We're all ready! The sun's bright morning light is shining out now-we've all had breakfast-Marth and I put scarves around our curler heads and went to breakfast feeling like ladies of leisure. Thankfully only a few people were up, LOL. We saw the dear F. ladies...ah, that was a good breakfast. The whole room almost was filled with my dear siblings and nieces and nephews, laughing and giggling with excitement!!
Running out to the car in joy...looking up at the crisp clear sky and seeing a jet stream floating miles up in the air like soft white ribbon, and wanting to yell with happiness!! I think we and Marth have that clean, dressed and ready feeling...we see brothers getting in various cars-the early morning air is clean and fresh, and you hug a sibling tight and carry on at how awesome they look in their tie-you see your sister and her baby!! How good it is to see your sister and nephew...
Have y'all all got your purses? Who is ____ riding with? No, there's tons of room, squeeze in!

Laughter. All-the-way-teeth smiles.
Did you get my ____ from the room!? Got it!

Shouts from car to car, excited waving as we pull away...happiness. Almost uncontainable excitment.

Abs, Marth, Daddy, Mama and I all ride together...we put on makeup, laugh, and take a picture and then laugh again at the angle......and we all pray and thank the Lord together as we drive along. Singing! Hearts overflowing. Your eyes mist up. How good is God? To us, who are unworthy of anything but be loved and belong to God Almighty, who blesses us with every good thing...your heart can't utter enough thanks and praise. It's spilling over now, and all you can do is give more thanks...your brother has found that "good thing"....
We arrive at the entrance of the Kendall's long winding driveway, a few minutes before the time Cleveland is scheduled to be there at their home for pictures. He's got something special planned for his girl this morning, and we can hear him from the car giving directions to his men...laughter.
A joke.
The sound of a violin tuning up.
Breath frosty in the cold mountain air...We're about to burst with excitment!!
Hey Marth!Two 'brother's' smile at another brother...And a 'sister' smiles at another!!
(Ah, Abbi, you got some awesome you!)The father of the Bridegroom!

Martha watching (some of) the amazing men in her life...
(some of) those men....Look at their expressions!
...and in this one...Edwin, a much beloved brother! He also doubles as a stealthy security guard. ;D
Samuel, our fifth boy and now the second oldest at home...It's such an honor watching your little brothers become men.They're ready...Cleveland and his mighty men are going to surprise the Bride by coming down the drive, on foot , with music...!!
We can hear them!! The joyful tune can be heard echoing through the trees...guitar, violin and penny whistle-we can barely see through the trees-wait-Is that her on the porch!!? No...
Heavens, it's chilly!
Our view!
We see Cleve and his men and father gathered in the front yard-we can still hear the beautiful, joyful music from here!! Wait...see, she's there now!! Lise Marie is on the front steps!
Yayyy!! Look at her white dress... There's something about a girl in a white dress that just makes you ecstatic.
He sees his bride for the first time on her wedding day. It is a beautiful time.
The music is stopped now. Distant voices...Then we see them, arm in arm, walking to the spot for pictures.
I can hardly wait to see their faces...

Hunter rides by...Good morning, Hunter!!
Can you believe this! We'll be related before the end of the day!! :)