Friday, November 7, 2014

"Got Married"

Mr. and Mrs. Tayte Russell Alexander

Lovely friends,

They're married!!!
Forever and for always, M&T, Mr. and Mrs., Sweethearts, Best Friends.
Our hearts are full of such love, such joy, over watching these two be married. Our Father is so good to us. We love Him.
When you stop and stand in the afterglow of the past month, the Autumn's afternoon sunbeams hit your face and the music comes back and that feeling of that day makes you draw your breath
and smile with your eyes closed,
and dance around the house to the music that made them sway during their first dance...
The look in their eyes.
Listening to their vows.
Knowing God was watching, knowing His Spirit was there in a mighty way to bring glory to His awesome name.
Watching the little picture of the big picture.
The day Martha and Tayte got married.
It was beautiful, truly.
 "Hug hug. Keeese keeese. Little hug, keeese....
 Awwww... *laughing*
Their first dance...
The wedding party, 50 strong!!!!! We had a blast.

We can hardly wait to share all the pictures and stories! More to come later.  Just wanted to share our joy with you!

Love to you!