Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blue Skies

Dearest Readers!

Happy New Year!!!! (Can you believe it's 2014?)  How are you!? We're doing fantabulous and have three very, very wonderful blue announcements to share with you!!!
The First:
Patrick Oldreive Sanders, born December 9, 2013, to Dorothy and Noah.
The Second:
Kendall Wesley Morton, born January 15, 2014, to Cleveland and Lise Marie
The Third: 
Handsome 5th Cowboy to be born to Michael and Kressant. (we found out today what they're having and are so looking forward to holding our 15th grandson!

We are so thankful to God for His blessing on our siblings in gifting them with these precious children. (can you believe Mama and Daddy have 19 (20th in the way!) grandbabies, all under 7!!?? Oh my word!) God is so gracious.

 And now, pictures of our newest darling's comings!

Shown here are Aunties Numerous, piled together on the couch during the early part of Dorothy's labor. It is such an honor to be with your sister as she brings life into the world. It is such a holy, amazing time. I am grateful to know such women. And to have such fun co-aunties, dearest friends and happy relations!
(I feel so Greek...) "Nick, Nickie, Anita, Diane, and Nick."
The dim lamp light. Prayers lifted up in pain, and God giving guidance, leading the baby from the womb. The strength, incredible resolve, the tiny baby. It's so holy it makes you cry, as you see them, the movements, the baby, so raw and new and plain, so life-filled. The sound of him inhaling air for the first time, of him crying, that lusty baby cry, his tiny eyes squinted and his little mouth open, then closing, then wide, filling the room with his sounds.
Then, Noah taking the baby in his Father arms, and Dorothy's first look at her second son.
And, here he is!!!! So beautiful.

Patrick, we love you.
The photographs commence, to last his lifetime. Poor Child. ;) Just part of being unbelievably cute!!
The two grandmothers! Mimi and GrandMama.
It was SO fun watching Encoh meet him for the first time. Hilarious, and completely adorable.
Brothers and Best Buddies meet.
"Oh my word!!!! Father, He has FEET! NO WAY."
The welcoming committee.
You know, it's so amazing, thinking about birth from a baby's prospective...light, and then faces. Air, its movements and currents, hands, crystal clear sound and arms around you. Such an honor to get to be amongst the first human faces he ever saw.
Getting acquainted with his amazing, godly grandfathers, GrandDaddy,
and Pa.

Welcome to the world, Baby Patrick. We love you. God's richest blessings on you life. May it be long, and filled with the knowledge of His love, and rejoicing in it.

And then, several weeks later....

Mama woke me and Marth up early one morning, with the exciting news that "Lise's in labor!!" I love getting baby-coming news. :D There is something so special about throwing on your housecoat, crunching through the frosty night and into a room lit by dim lamp light, your siblings about to become a parent to the baby that is kicking and moving it's little legs in your sister's womb, her steadfast breathing and closed eyes, your brother rubbing her feet and making jokes, the amazing anticipation the is in the room...

After a little bit they went off to the hospital, and me and Marth stayed with Liam...then, Mama called from the hospital, telling us that the baby is here!!!! Daddy was out grabbing Chik-fil-a for everybody (of course :) and so we loaded up and headed over to meet Little Kendall Wesley Morton for the first time!!!!
Liam!!! You're a big brother! (elevators are such a riot for little specimens... "the earth is moving!!")
Seeing Daddy and Mama, and meeting Baby Kendall Wesley for the first time...
Here he is!!! (he has hair!!!!)
Kendall Wesley and Lise Marie, both looking so beautiful after their laborious journey together. :)
The Cleveland Morton family. Wow!!!
God is faithful.
Watching Kendall Wesley through the fun watching Liam watch Kendall.
With GrandMama and GrandDaddy
LOL, that's the cutest face...
What made it all twice as fun, was, that Kendall Wesley was born on Bret III's 7th birthday!! Having a birthday buddy is a great gift in life. (I get to share a birthday with one of my best friends in the whole world, my fantastic sis-in-law Kressy!!!)

So, Katie had an afternoon Cowboy Birthday Cake Party (complete with bubble gum suckers, which I think the adults enjoyed even more then the kids, LOL) Here is Liam and Uncle Paul about to go out west!
GrandMama and her first grandson.
LOL. Cuties. Poses with Birthday Boy, minus the plush suit. :D
That evening Wesley and his family rode over to the hospital so Wesley could see his namesake! Now William Stone and Kendall Wesley are both named for their father's brother. Just about makes you want to cry when you're brothers name their little boys after each other. So beautiful...
And....Uncle Tom and  'Ana got to see da baby too!

So glad you are here, little Kendall Wesley. We love you so very much. May God pour out His greatest blessings on your life, and show Himself to you when you are young-may you give yourself, early, to The One Who gave Himself for you.

And Little Cowboy # 5-we can hardly wait for you to get here!!!! We're praying for you as you grow. We LOVE you.

And so, fare well, kindly friends.

Much love to you! Have a charming evening. We're about to have an even better one-coffee, dessert and a visit with the dear Kendalls!! That always makes a charming evening. :) They're staying with C&L this week (and we get to have Christiana over here with me and Marth for sleepovers!!) and they're popping over in a bit and bringing one of Uncle Tom's blackberry cobblers. :) The coffee smells so good right now. What a joy and delight it is so have them as family. God, thank you for all the blessing.

Alrighty-goodbye, lovelies. Love y'all!

Aunt Poog,
or Adeline