Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Only 40 days to go...

...before these two love birds tie the knot!!

October 25 is on her way, with skies as blue as their eyes and when the day arrives, we'll be waiting, having spent some of the most precious times of our lives, excitedly preparing for the beautiful ceremony that God has orchestrated, as He tarries and moves in our lives and writes good, glorious stories. The day will be here, and suddenly, it's today! And they'll be joined together and their love will keep growing and growing, as it is now, a little more everyday, and they'll sign their names Mr. and Mrs., and they'll be completed, they'll be better together.

Three cheers for our darling couple and their upcoming nuptials! In the meantime, just wanted to share some shots of our blue eyed beauties!! I've never laughed so hard during a shoot as I did with my sister and her man...So fun. :)

This time is so special. Just wanted to say what a blessing Marth and Tayte are to both their families. We love 'em. We are simply, ecstatically happy for our baby girl and her man. God is so faithful, always. He gives good gifts to His children.

And aren't they darling!!?

Huggies, all.

Love, AGM