Friday, September 24, 2010

A Spring Luncheon, and A Summer Luncheon

Luncheon...The very word brings to mind tasty little sandwiches, flowers, dainty sweets and little white frocks, chatting ladies with cooing babies in Moses baskets, green grass, white table cloths...This year we've been invited to two such charming little gatherings, and were so blessed by each!

The First:
At the Dan S.'s home in beautiful old hydrangeas graced each table, cold lemonade was in abundance, with hand smoked chicken sandwiches, fruit, and all sorts of little things to munch on all afternoon, and sweet friends from three states! :) We had such a relaxing time. Their home is so peaceful and homey. I just love it!! We had a truly superb time, y'all. Thank you, so much.LunchingThree of our dear male escorts. (LOL, Caleb looks excited about the whole lemonade part. :)Our jolly party!We rode down and up with the D.'s, and the trip was a blast, too. They were so sweet to let us three girls hop along...we missed Mama so much. She was so sweet to stay and let us go. It rained, and rained and rained on the way back, making our trip quite exciting. We got lost, too, in the deluge, which made it "ever-so-much-more-so!" exciting. ;D When we got home, there was some very fun mail in the mailbox-the invitation to that kitchen shower! I simply love a piece of "fun mail" as we call it. :) A delightful way to end a very delightful day.
The Second:At the Mike S.'s home in Florida! This delightful luncheon had brightly colored daisies on the tables, tea, pasta salad and the cutest little petit fours you've ever seen! The afternoon was spent in catching up with friends, meeting some new ones and just enjoying the O for opportunity theme, delicious food and fellowship. We had such a lovely time, S. ladies-thanks very much for such a wonderful and beautiful afternoon.Here we are, some of us, on the trip down...a little caravan of ladies from our area all rode together, and we girls piled into one van~so much fun. :D Stephanie riding shotgun-thanks for the charming ride, dear!Enjoying each other company # 1,
#2,And #3!
And THE sweetest smile ever!! Look at those eyes, too! The afore mentioned sweets.One of our wonderful hostess, sweet Miss Amanda! It was so good to see the Campanas. Here are Sarah K. and Mariah C.
Our precious and amazing mothers (except dear Mrs. A. who had to be elsewhere) getting a group shot before we all parted ways to go home...see, they all came in blue and white! Elegant minds think alike, dahling!

What a joyful time of respite these two gatherings blessed us with-God bless you all, ladies, for your refreshing hospitality...

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I'm so happy. And encouraged. Ah.

I just had a nice long talk with my Daddy in the living room, and got a letter from Dorothy, all in one evening. Ah!! My Daddy is wonderful, and my sister is fabulous. The Lord is so good to forgive me when I fall, and help me up again, and then send refreshment to my heart! We've had a pretty rough month or two, and are all feeling sort of-weary. But He is so good to send us refreshment. Praise the Lord.

Below are a few shots of everyday living.

Lunch with our precious great Auntie one day...
And then getting to keep William for a little bit one morning-bliss! Just look at him!!
He was very helpful in making bread. :DPrecious Daddy!!Lufa blooms and a sunrise...
Andrew, the farm foreman, bringing up an orphaned calf one rainy evening. She's doing great, thanks to his excellent care and the goodness of the Lord! A mantle arrangement that turned out charmingly. :D I just love it when that happens. Homemaking is pure delight!
The unloading of the compost for Daddy's new garden plot. Now there is allot of compost! By the way, Daddy's new garden is amazing! I'll have to post about that asap...
And the moon. The beautiful moon....

My warmest regards to you all, kind observers! Hope your evening is beautiful. And don't forget to stick you head out the window and look at the stars-they are gorgeous tonight!


Adeline Grace

Monday, September 13, 2010

I found this in drafts...

...and realized that it got lost in the shuffle when posting "Three showers".

Oh, well. Anyway, here's the rest of that poor post-this was at the shower held at Reed Bingham given by Dorothy's church family.

Okay, I'm gonna run!! Have a wonderful afternoon!

~La Poognessieo
The two guests of honor, looking charming....
The bottom fell out in a downpour while we were enjoying the evening, and gave everything a cozy feel. I absolutly love rain. The electricity flickered on and off, too, which was fun. Not sure why I enjoyed that so much, LOL.
Giving Mama kisses...
And the opening of the gifts begins! "Ohhh!"
"Ahh!"Daisy making sure the photographer's photographed. And vice versa.I love, love this shot. Mikey III is so blessed to have such a faithfull, kind father. His little posture is the essence of beautiful submission...Vantage Point, baby!Mr Larry-the best, most whoo-hoo-ish of MC's ever. ;)"Smell the pretty daisy?" -Bella D., 2010Anytime we feast and rejoice, cleanup is the last (and sometimes jolliest) part of the whole sha-bang!
From the outside in...LOL, Mrs. Gran is such a wonderful grandmother to her three little munchies!
More clean up...

Well, that wraps up this wonderful time...What a tremendous blessing the Body of Christ is, to shower on Dorothy and Noah these many blessings.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sometimes when you organize your picture folders... find so many wonderful old pictures that you never posted, that you simply must post, because they brought back so many precious memories and made you laugh heartily...Enjoy this odd little montage that spans almost a decade...

(in the picture above, you can see the house in the reflection of the drops of dew. :D Awesome picture, Cleve, and I love it.) 4 of my 5 darling Little Indians years ago...goodness, how time flies. Look!!! They're so- little!
Playing in the (then) cotton field. (one of the funnest things of childhood!)
Dorothy, Adeline and Martha at 17, 18 and 19. I love my girls so!Shadows and lamps and black fabric are so fun. :D
Sam canoes in the flooded creek bottom...
We had a wonderful time down there that evening....roasting marsh mallows beside our temporary "lake"-then Dorothy read aloud to us, and Cleve brought krispy kreams home from work, and we grilled out hot dogs...When Mama and Daddy returned home from their evening date, they found their children happy, mud covered and with an entire heart full of memories...Ah. Rough picture. Really rough, of all but Katie. One toys with burning pictures like this, but the nose ritual is too good, LOL. (love the way I'm doing my hair here.)
A little better. :D I always laugh when I look at these...sisters - the three best friends a girl could have! Oh, remember that bus?"OK, I'm just leaving the office now, honey."
Edwin's inpersonation of an iguana.Katie dear making some sort of tasty treat at a clan supper one early spring evening...
Daddy wrote an outstanding letter to the editor, and we were so blessed to listen to Daddy as he read it aloud at the supper table out of the newspaper. I am so grateful for my incredible Father.
Daddy with his only little granddaughter...
I know the setting on the camera was completely off, but here are some of the S'Morton ladies, (except Rach, whom we missed so badly) having a blast at one of our favorite Mexican spots...
Samuel holding up his debut cup of coffee at his 13th birthday party-hooray for Sam!!!
Dorothy doing her "Fire Dance", a number she choreographed for our birthday parties. No matter how many times she's seen it, Martha always gets nervous.

*smiles* No, the wrapping paper caught on fire. Everybody burst out laughing and started throwing wet napkins and dumping glasses of water in the quickly spreading flames.
I love birthday parties like that. :D
Three colonial specimens...
Dashing, I know.
There was a bad wreck right on our road, and we and all our neighbors came to look and see if there was anything we could do...Andrew got a few pictures and talked to some rescue workers.
The guy's axle snapped and, by God's grace, he jumped out right before it rolled and flipped. The mercy of the Lord is great to us every time we drive. What our group looks like when we-um...learn a dance. :) We finally got it down.
While we danced, Mr. Larry took it easy on the Victorian fainting couch. He was fine, but had just gotten a little overheated... ;)Bethy and little William. We love it when our Smithies come to visit. :) They're so much fun! (Awesome glasses, too, Beff...)The colors God uses are incredible. Just look at the brilliant yellows and reds in this swiss chard Daddy raised.And in the sky everyday...One rainy afternoon, we saw the most amazing rainbow beside our house. What an incredible sign of the promise God made to us...this one started over in the pasture...And ended over on Wesley and Rachel's roof . It was breathtaking.After some clan supper, you might enter the deserted dining room, to find a lone granchild laughing gleefully whilst stuffing abandoned cake into his mouth.
*delighted snorts between mouthfuls*

"They only fhink I'm in there pwaying wiff toyths!!"
"The name's Ira. Ira Bigelow."A Little Boy and Mattress Open Face Sandwich. New on the menu.

Well, that's all for now, dahlings! Happy day, kind readers. The mercies of the Lord are new every morning!! Pray for us when you think of us. :) Thanks.

Joyfully, and thoughtfully yours,

Adeline, for la famille de Morton