Friday, May 24, 2013

Nephew Pile

Andrew and a few grandboys...

It's so fun watching our 5 "little boys" growing up to be amazing, wonderful Uncles.
There are no words to say what joy fills you up when you walk past the couch and find several of them all over one of "The Uncs" (as the grandkids call them) tickling and laughing mixed together.
I don't think I stop enough, to listen, and be thankful.
I want to stop and listen more to the beautiful sounds that God gives to me. Thank You, Lord. Please give me ears to hear Your goodness all around me. I love You.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Photography Session 3/18/13-Martha Harriet

Our Martha!
She is exquisitely beautiful, inside and out. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. May God's very richest blessing be on her, always! (And she's incredibly hilarious-it's way funner to take pictures when you and the subject are doubled over laughing 90 % of the time. Ha!! I love you Marth!!!)

Thanks so much for your afternoon, dearest-and for all the joy you bring to our lives!!

Love forever, sister mine.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Celebrating Little T.

I love baby showers!  Thank God for babies. We went to one such celebration recently for one of our dearest friends and her new boy, and had an incredible time.....holding T. (of course) being together, oohing and ahhhing over the gifts (and laughing over Uncle L.'s creative wrapping paper job) and feeling very circus with all the fun food and popcorn! Isn't the above bear adorable, too!? The nose makes me laugh.
 Mama holding the Little Man of Honor beside his beautiful Mama...
Their back deck is so beautiful. Auntie has it looking amazing with all the plants and such-you feel like you're in a little Italian restaurant. 
I think the carpenters who built it were just really good, too. They must have been some really incredible guys, whoever they were......... ;P

Above, Mrs. Cecilia fakes a smile at the caged tigers. (Mrs. Katie is still unsure.)
After all the gifts were opened and blessing shared, the guys outside had horse rides ready for the little ones-so sweet! And all the kids were just ecstatic. Here's Z. leading W. around.
"Ladies Chatting" above, and above, above and above. (it was very popular)
(I just love these people, so  much! By the way, my style-eye is delighted by Martha and S.'s coordinating orange and blue outfits above-bright orange and cobalt blue are stunning together. )
Uncle Mark and 'tweetie man!
The lovely hostesses and guests of honor! 

(Please excuse Auntie-she thought the expression was chic and I could not talk her out of it)

It was a delightful morning! The H. ladies outdid themselves once more. They are fantabulous!

And we love you so much, little boy. We are so grateful to God for you, and are so happy we get to be in your life. You bring joy to ours.

Love always!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Oh my word...

"You make me smile..."

We love you, little person. You made my afternoon just looking at this picture of you.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Photography Session 3/8/13 Isabella Grace

 Our precious Isa is two! I love you, beautiful niece.

(Isn't Spring time+babies incredible? Her dress and the flowers looked like they were made for each other!)


 (I love her smile here)

 Uncle Tom came along and was fabulous at helping her look this way or that, or getting her to laugh...Mickey and Paul looked adorable playing cowboys in a field of flowers, LOL. ;D Thanks boys!

She loves her Uncle Andrew! And we love her....don't we have THE cutest nieces on earth?

Love y'all!! Hope your day is really beautiful.