Tuesday, January 29, 2013

She's here!!!!

Elizabeth Rose Smith has arrived! Just 20 or so minutes ago our darling 5th grand girl (and 16th grandchild!) entered this world....hearing her first cry was incredible. Praising our wonderful Lord for this precious blessing.

She is so, so beautiful. God is an amazing God.

Mama and baby both doing wonderfully!!! Katie is amazing. Elizabeth did a good job too. :D  We are all so excited! Can hardy wait to show you pictures soon!! And what a beautiful day to first see light. God painted this morning's sunrise with billows of pink and streaks of gold, with some white clouds and blue, and with a shawl of mist around the green pines that faded the line between the earth and the sky....He is so good!! What a joyous life it is in Him!!

Welcome, baby girl. I love you!

Love a very happy, grateful,

Aunt Poog

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy New Year!

How are you, precious people!? I've missed getting on here so much! I do hope your 2013 is being beautiful. Ours is, and filled to the brim with life and our Father's mercies.

My camera, dearest camera is off at the manufacturer and should be back in a few weeks! My heart doth rejoice greatly at the thought. I have missed it so super much.

It's cold here! Supposed to get warmer tomorrow, hooray!! I must run, Saturday projects await. Below is an old post from this past Summer I just never got around to publishing.

The Lord bless you today.

Ta~ta and toodles!!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Of Eggplants...and Everyday

 Good morning, kind friends!

              Daddy and the boys just left for work, and Marmie is teaching some of the younger boys their phonics. We all had breakfast in the kitchen and ended up all talking for a long time over Mama's grits. I love that. Talking early in the morning all together. Hot coffee is by my side now, ever faithful, and I am wrapped still in Bear (the red housecoat of thickest terrycloth) and feeling very cozy. Marf is upstairs doing her morning reading. The air outside is that nippy cold right before the fireball comes up over the pine trees! Aren't winter sunrises spectacular!?

So, how are you? I do hope your coming day is really, truly stunning. And even if it's a difficult day, it's so awesome how that, when you belong to Him, even the hardest days are still worthy of dancing because we've been saved from hell and Christ is our intimate Friend and Lover. Wow.

'Ze camera is still broken, but the dear brother-in-law rescued some more of our pictures off one of our dead computers and so voila! Not super recent, but they still make me rejoice, and they're of this past summer-which was a wonderful one. :D

Oh!! And....Kenni D., we love you. I've just been thinking about you all morning. (And laughing every time I say "it's like, aerobics and martial arts mixed together...." and then do your impersonation of that comedian's laugh, and it makes me laugh, and then I think about this past summer...and other past summers...) Anyway, we miss you. A lot.
To the pictures.
I give thee Fredrick. This made me laugh so hard.
Nephews!! (Me wobes dems.)
Sunday mornings before Church meeting! When the creamer flows, the talk is fast and the muffins disappear!   This is one of my favorite times of the whole week.

"So it like, started flying at me or whatever and had it's teeth out and I was like ahhhhhh!!!"
(When she told the blue bird story.)
"And then Kressant took shelter behind the fence post as it came nearer, only narrowly escaping, you, know, as it flew quite close, only then to see it's claws descending upon a frail worm! "
The girls being clique-ish with their matching skirts.
"Oh my goodness, we're all like, matching!! Don't we look adorable!?" (please excuse Campbell)
Oh. These girls are so. so. sweet.
And this big brother is one of the best in the world! He loves his little sister, and she adores him. It's really precious to watch.
This past Summer Andrew and I delivered our vegetable CSA together, three times a week to about 4 or 5 different towns-I enjoyed my time with him so much. It's  amazing when your little tiny brothers grow up and become some of your best friends in the whole world. (I LOVE you, Andrew!!)

And...here's da man, killing this MONSTEROUS rattlesnake that we saw slithering across the road. Me and this adorable lady in the car near us both got out and watched the proceedings, squealing together and taking pictures and having a blast. Amazing, watching him!!
Andrew broke the reptile's back with the tire, then held his head down (with a long branch he cut real quick from the woods) and severed la head from 'ze body with his knife, and viola! Dinner! (not really)
I love it when men drive. It is so right.
Passing the greenest pecan groves that are even more beautiful in afternoon golden-ness.
Me riding shotgun with the windows down ...it doesn't get any better than this!
Sir Johnkin glares at an alien catapillar threatening his strong clutch on the sappy bark of pine...
Forsooth! Mid-fall. Poor lad.

:) Look! He's up.....
....super high!!! Isn't he quite the monkey? John is amazing. But look at these shots he got! Incredible. There is some of Calathora Farms, below!
Home! From a different angle.
(Wow. Georgia is so beautiful. Look at those carpets of pine...the smell of the air after it rains is indescribable.)
And...thanks to Martha Stewart we had a wonderfully easy time making a wall arrangement. :) Trace out all the items you want to hang on paper, snippy-snippy them out, play with them on the wall  'till you're happy, then, bang bang, in go the nails, off goes the paper, then the real thing and, perfecto. 
(Please ignore the blue cooler on the couch. It normally isn't there.  I was standing on it to reach the wall)
Ta da! Candles are still needed, but we were quite pleased with it all! (we've rearranged the furniture drastically since then, and like it much better. Dear old Couch.)
I love these plates. (LOL, if only our cows would stay so sweetly in place during milking! :) ) Aren't they beautiful, though?
Adeline-moi in my favorite mirror in the entry hall, with my favorite room in the back ground. (This is my favorite self portrait spot.) (not my favorite hair day.)
Ariana loves her...
...GrandMama!! (And her extremely fun necklace.) Ariana is just like a ray of sunshine. She smiles all the time, is fluffy to hold and is just content to be held and look around and be adored! Our 4 grand-girls bring so much sweet joy into our lives.

Well, goodbye.