Tuesday, January 31, 2012


...I was sitting at the dining table drinking milk and eating chocolate chews out of the pot with Mama and Martha and we were talking and laughing and critiquing the new curtains. And holding up a tassle. And then talking about serious stuff over pins and fabric scraps. Then laughing some more.

And just being with them has cheered me up so much that it makes me want to dance and laugh and almost cry because I love them so much!!! I was feeling sorta down today, and they've just blessed me so much. How grateful I am to have them in my life, to be with throughout the day. They are such a delight to live with!!!

It is beautiful out today. It smells like spring. I saw the first snow drop blossom by the fence line today!

"Love never fails" is playing. It reminds me of how much our Saviour loves us-so much more then we humans can ever love.
His love is perfect and beautiful, and it is so, so good to be His.Much love to you on this exquisite day!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's a.....


Hooray!!!! :D Can you imagine Wes and Rach with a little pink girlie!?? We are so, so thrilled for them! The Lord is so good.

It was so fun reading all the guesses!!! Thanks for rejoicing with us. We love y'all! (And-my guess was wrong-of course. :D Hehehe....)

Bethany Smith is now Bethany Lane as of a few hours ago!!! Yayyyy!!! We're here at the Smithies! It was a beautiful wedding. I am so. so. happy for them both!! I can hardly wait to post pictures!!!

God is good. Our cup runneth over.



Thursday, January 26, 2012

'Ze Polls be Open!!

My dear Peoples!!

Tonight, this very night, the gender of Wesley and Rachel's newest munchie shall be announced to the throngs of family gathered! We are SO excited, and can hardly wait to hear the words thus uttered!

Henceforth, in the glorious Morton tradition of baby anticipation delight, we hereby commence our guesses: They are as follows, and we invite you to join on our merriment and cast thy vote along with the aforementioned elated throngs!!

Here's to the beloved New One!

Mine (Adeline's) : Boy
Martha: Girl
Andrew: Girl
Sam: Girl
John: Boy
Mama: Boy
Daddy: Boy
Edwin: Boy
Paul: Girl

And below is our dear girl, the lovely Mama! We love you, Rach, Wes, Joe, William and Baby!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

In Which is Posted Thoughts, Assorted Pictures and a Showcasing of an Exceptional Color

The happiest of evenings to you, kind reader.

Tonight I was so blessed and encouraged as I listened to Daddy as he told us stories of the mercies of the Lord in our lives...How good and gracious God has been to us, all the days of our lives! And to give us such amazing parents, too...It makes me dance with joy!

The lightening tonight was breathtakingly beautiful.

And Mama Dear made us Chicken Divan. She is wonderful.

Then I sorted pictures and looked through New Year's and remembered a wonderful, happy weekend. I'm so looking forward to posting that deluge...they made me laugh and smile! (Hey, y'all! Miss all of you... ;D )
Oh, and it rained tonight, mon cheri!! Glorious rain. I can still hear the drops falling from the sky, down, down, down to make a tiny splashing sound as they hit the puddles outside the window in the dark! I love rain. It smells so fragrant and fresh outside. This is the most wonderfully warm January I've ever enjoyed. Bliss!
Here's Mummy Love a few days ago, hanging out linens with...Martha!
There are few things as wonderful as burying your face in a sheet right off the line...My dearest sista!See, this is the mouse trap I made recently!
We were having this insane mouse problem (they were having ruckus parties at night that were keeping the neighbors up) hence, we had to do something more drastic then your classic mouse trap, as they refused them and our various other methods of enticement we attempted-so I looked this baby up online, tried to decipher the instructions, and voila!

It didn't work.
Don't try this. I know you were thinking you would, but don't.
It was a complete waste of board, bucket and bait, but made a lovely conversational icebreaker when people dropped in......"Oh, that's just the mouse trap! Ooops, watch your step, honey..." ;)

We finally purchased some other traps from wally world and are now rid of the pesky rodents and this handmade trap for an unknown and blissful time!

Tomorrow I get to go to Church meeting and see (some of) our precious, precious people and worship our Lord together! So looking forward to the fellowship and encouragement tomorrow!!

Dance practice a few Sunday afternoons ago...it was a blast messing up together. ;P Heheh..."Other way, Mr. Collins!"

Oh, gracious, y'all-something else...lately I've just been feasting on the color green. The Lord is so loving to make such wealths of color for us to live amongst...driving in south Georgia in the winter is breathtaking...huge fields of bright green wheat grass, with cows here and there munching, old fences, weathered rustic barns, huge old camellia bushes dripping with dense, snow white blossoms...The rich green of a soft sweater or the camellia leaf, or a blade of grass coming up out of moist, dark brown earth...sometimes you just stop and stare, and are amazed by the very green-ness of green......it's one of the most beautiful and greatest gifts in the whole world!
And pictures of Ireland are so filled with it.
Ireland! *sigh* (Did you know that's where my great-great grandfather came from?)
And wouldn't it be fun to have a whole closet in green!? Like this dress. Lime Green. Airy simplicity. Such lacy, feminine perfection.And clover-green, lush clover....Another edible specimen for your wardrobe!
This simply cannot be improved upon.And these bea-u-ties!Also a monogramed clutch caught my eye. So very elegant, in green, of course.
....and....saving the near bestest for near-lastest...a furry, olive green creation from Louis Green.
Alas, for unlimited credit at this shop...would that she gave me free reign on her merchandise! Her hats are sincerely drool worthy.And....a clover green bit of lusciousness from this season at Talbots that I saved for very last!!!
Oh wow.
Do you ever see a piece that is so perfect it begins to pull at yon raiment heart strings? This was the coat.
Here-cover up those tacky plastic bracelets with your finger...there we go, now, think pearls...huge bright yellow velvet flower on the shoulder...cream cardigan underneath...camel colored wool skirt...there. Perfect. Beautiful!!
Ah. So, kind reader, thank you for loving shades of clover and all these precious people I love and the beautiful places with me for a minute!
And now, mon cheir, I bid thee goodnight, and adieu


The Damsel Above
Oh yes. One last thing to show you. Look at this lace. Peachy dreams it doth inspire!!
OK. I'm gone...this time for real. Goodnight!
Love, AGM

Monday, January 16, 2012

Bethany+Danny=Amour Vrai!

Most lovely Observers,

Can you believe our Beth is going to be married to the love of her life in just two short weeks? I am just so incredibly happy for my precious cousin. We are grateful to the Lord for what He has done-what a joy it has been to see how God has brought her her husband and her best friend. It is truly glorious.

Not to mention, too, that they make the cutest couple. Hope you enjoy these shots that I got of them a few days before they got engaged.

However, before we proceed on to the two lovebirds, I give thee two specimens who were being delightfully obnoxious before we left for pictures. :D
Andrew and Zack making it fun. :D Little brothers make life so happy!

Now. On to Beth and Danny!
Ah....it's wonderful, isn't it?

Praising the Lord and brimming over with joy for Bethy!! Danny is getting such a treasure! I just love watching them...they're so. so. perfect together, and are each so blessed in the other. Bless the Lord!

Have the most beautiful of evenings, mon cheris!