Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hello, Everybody!!

How are all of you? I've missed everyone so!

And now, a few newsie tid-bits since we last posted: (that may only be of interest to posterity:D)~It snowed!! After our boys came home from their wonderful, snowy trip up to Massachusetts, we Georgians got a little down here! Real, white snow!

~We have all been under the weather around here in the past weeks-nothing huge, but just enough to make you feel yucky and super tired all the time-ah! Goodness. Hence, the lack of keeping this poor old blog up. :) Praise the Lord we are feeling better, and we're excited about catching up with everybody, and with our own blogs and journals, and sewing, and ironing and, Ah! Wonderful!!... :D

~Our pipes are giving us fits. Laundry mats are such a blessing!

~It's cold here, and we all are missing spring and summer so terribly! Ah! For sunshine and flip flops-warm, balmy days, green grass, swimming in the creek, (and drying out on the walk back to the house through the pasture, the grass wilted and warm to your cold feet) wild flowers, sprinklers, fresh mowed grass, straw hats and white skirts...hmmm...Thank You, Lord, for all those wonderful things...And for Winter, too. :)~A hilarious picture was taken of a known eavesdropper, who knew he was known and was just being cute. :) Sam, I love your sense of humor, darling. (You'll have to blow this one up to see...)~We had a delightful ladies thrift store shopping trip a few days ago-it was so fun to go through goodwills and such with friends. And Village Pizza was incredible, as always! Sam was our dear escort. Thanks, dear, for protecting us and following 11 shopping woman around all day-you're such a gentleman!

~We're doing our first antique show this next week. Pray that we sell tons and tons of things!~I am a very blessed girl who has a very sweet older brother who brings her one of her favorite snacks, just because. :) I also liked the way the picture turned out. Sorta magazine-y. :D

~We're looking forward to having a ladies Winter Luncheon here at Calathora this weekend-God's people are such a blessing to be around! So we're having fun planning that.

~Luciano Pavarotti's rendition of 'O Sole Mio is one of the most incredible songs in the world. :) Order in music is really, truly beautiful. We're all going around pretending to sing along and having a wonderful time of it, LOL. And Andrea Bocelli's voice is exquisitely peaceful and beautiful.~This is no news, but Mama is such a beloved mother and grandmother. It is so neat to see her as a mother of young boys, and as a grandmama to young boys at the same time. Praise the Lord.~Daddy and Mama enjoyed the Marriage Conference at the Brown Barn in NC, over Valentine's weekend-we invited the married kids here on the farm over for dessert and enjoyed hearing from Par~par and Mums about the trip over coffee and torte-lots of laughs and interesting topics.

~The garden is doing wonderful! Pa~pa and his helpers are awesome! Dorothy's seedlings are beautiful. And isn't this the cutest little radish you've ever seen? And such a brilliant red.

Well, 'till later, dear readers!

With love and in Christ's Name,

Adeline, for the family

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Snow Boarding Trip To New England (and snow for Georgia-maybe.)

Hello, everyone!!

Goodness, I've missed blogging lately! :) How are all of you? I pray you are all well! (and warm!) It is so cold here! Freezing....

Guess what!? We have snow (real, white snow!) for casted for our area tomorrow! I am so excited. We'll see if it really happens. :D It snows about every nine years about 1/4 an inch. So, whenever the stuff flies, it makes the headlines and every one's journal and blog entries. :D So, here I am, doing my bit.

Oh-back to the subject of this postling-it is 'ze snowboarding trip that Cleve, Andrew and some of our gentlemen friends from around here, took up to Mass.!-From the pictures and stories, it looks like they had a great time...As I was not present, I shall just stick some of the photos on here and enjoy looking through them along with you...

Thomas family, thanks so much for your wonderful hospitality once more! God's rich blessing to each of you!All the boys, except Cleveland, who is behind the camera...This made me laugh. :) Very creative way to get some sleep.
Once arrived, it looks like fun ensued...Michael and Rebekah...aww...
It strikes me that these two are, similar. :D"Paw and a Delicious Looking Breakfast" oil on canvas by unknown artistJack and his sweet Grandma...what a cute little boy!Extra safe, I guess. "Always be prepared!"Marscel and a Campana orange...
Uh. No caption needed.
Getting the boards ready...
Expressions are so great!
In the ski lodge...(Oh, lookie! I see Flynns and friends! If y'all are reading this, hello, one and all!)
Grandfathers...A view from the top...that is beautiful.Air time! The following pictures are of...very heavily clad and cold people. :)
Studying with Mr. Botkin Sat. morning...More orange eatin'...
What a sociable young sir!
Ultimate frisbie...And foosball were apparently enjoyed...
Matthew and Willie in hat-age...And I shall end this post of a wonderful time, with little Jack Flynn Thomas. Goodness, this child is deliciously adorable!

Alrighty, farewell, readers! Y'all have a blessed evening! Thomas', thanks again for coordinating such a fun weekend for so many folks, and for hosting our boys...they had a blast!

'Till later, y'all!

Adeline, for the familia

Monday, February 1, 2010

Visit to Casa della Luce

Ah...The Campanas.Joy... Florida. Balmy, fresh salt air, Encouraging, Green grass, soft sand and crashing waves in the moon light... Sweet, juicy oranges. Late night kitchen laughter, everybody piled on the couch watching a movie...Pictures, Beautiful music, Love. The Light of the Lord Jesus that's dwelling in them.

It is truly heavenly.The building of their new home, Casa della Luce, is proceeding, and looking so beautiful!!!
Ah...We miss y'all!

We sure enjoyed looking through the beautiful pictures you took, Mariah dear! Those of us who could not come down this time were quite sad not to enjoy y'all's sweet company-so, the pictures then were especially nice. :) Mike Jr., Kress, the kids and Cleve came back and told us all about everything and what a blast they had! Thanks so much for the oranges, too! We are really enjoying them...

May God bless you all!!