Monday, February 1, 2010

Visit to Casa della Luce

Ah...The Campanas.Joy... Florida. Balmy, fresh salt air, Encouraging, Green grass, soft sand and crashing waves in the moon light... Sweet, juicy oranges. Late night kitchen laughter, everybody piled on the couch watching a movie...Pictures, Beautiful music, Love. The Light of the Lord Jesus that's dwelling in them.

It is truly heavenly.The building of their new home, Casa della Luce, is proceeding, and looking so beautiful!!!
Ah...We miss y'all!

We sure enjoyed looking through the beautiful pictures you took, Mariah dear! Those of us who could not come down this time were quite sad not to enjoy y'all's sweet company-so, the pictures then were especially nice. :) Mike Jr., Kress, the kids and Cleve came back and told us all about everything and what a blast they had! Thanks so much for the oranges, too! We are really enjoying them...

May God bless you all!!


Mrs.Rabe said...

I thought you all had gone! What a beautiful home they are building. Were the brothers down their to help?

Grace S. said...

oh those oranges look so yummy!! Love and miss y'all girls!!! Grace :)

Mortonclan said...

Isn't their home gorgeous, Mrs. Rabe!? Michael, Kressant, their kids and Cleveland did a yo-yo trip to pick up some things...

Love and miss you too, Grace!!