Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gracie and David's Wedding 12/28/13

A wedding. It reminds us of so many things, and rejoices our hearts as we watch two people become one before the Lord. We were so blessed to be present at the marriage covenant of Gracie Smith to David Powell in December. May God bless this precious young couple as they seek and serve the Lord together!
The lovely programs...
While we waited in the lobby for the seating to begin (we were early!!!!! Wow!! :D ) young T. came all a spiff, and was SO manly and precious, greeting us all and shaking the men's hands and then stood there like a small gentleman, engaged in pleasant conversation. :D He makes me smile!!
Kisses for Paul, for being his wonderful self.
"You've got a little splotch, right, right, there..."
Andrew and T.
The Hagens are here!!!!

Mumsie and Auntie are seen here, so beautiful in pearls and cardigans.
We got to speak to Mr. Mike, (the FOB) before the ceremony. The Smith family is an incredible blessing to us...

(I wonder what it's like, just minutes from giving one of your little girls away?)
We're all seated, and I espy Campana!
Gabby, I love you.
Uncle Marc and Aunt Laura a row behind us....

Love, beautiful love all around you, some new, some together for years, only deepening with the time that's passed....
The Heavenly Hagen Herd Huddles Happily, Hailing, "Hello! Howbeit ye Happened Here Hitherto?" "Haha," (Hollered the Hahiraians) the Highway Happens to be Handsome this Hour, Hence our Having the Honor of Hearing the Harmoniousness words of the Happy...Houple!

That is a lot of H's. :D
You're welcome.
Marth and Tayte!!! (and I love this one of Daddy, laughing...)
"...Young love, first love, filled with deep devotion..."
"How good and how pleasnat it is,for brethren to dwell together in unity...for there the Lord commanded the blessing-life forever."
Charming roses at the reception. Everything was so beautiful!! A chocolate fountain, coffee punch (!!)  and tables laden with tasty treats of all kinds...not to mention Jennifer's fabulous (and gorgeous) wedding cake!! She is amazing.
John decides The Couple needs some additional people for their picture. Haha! This child delights my heart. (and his bow tie, too, which is very good.)
Oh my goodness, M&T are one adorable duo!! They are so perfect, each for the other. (and look, he's even got the perfect amount of inches to make the perfect silhouette with her!!! Awww!! Yayy!)

Watching engaged couples at weddings is too cute. :D
Nick, Jay and Frank dominate the chocolate fountain.

;D    (I love cruel pictures of wonderful people eating)
Little flower girl!
It's so good to watch Mama and Auntie be together. :) They have so much fun.
The lovely junior bridesmaid, Charis!
Me and my baby-buddy, again!
Random around-the-table shot. :D Making me laugh....
David and Gracie went around and spoke to all their guests. They were wonderful!!

Above, they pretend to look interested.
Marth with two stalwart young specimens!!!
Mr. Mike and Mrs. Deborah. A beautiful couple, and precious friends...
Aww. 'Der's a cute cake topper.
I spotted Mr. T. with Young Sprout.

"Yes, yes..." he added with a quiet chuckle, "the chloroform really works..."
Listening to speeches and toasts.
Oh. my. word.
This has got to be one of the cutest couple I've ever seen.
(He caught the bride's bouquet.)

(Just kidding.)
 Dear Amanda, and Jean Marie!! (whom I finally had the pleasure of meeting after years of seeing her around on fun when that happens. :)  )
And, the time has come for the new family to depart!!!
 Afterwards, we decided to invade Jason's Deli with the Campana family!!!
Four beastly business men have a meeting with...
...the two suave billionaires on the other side of the table.
Meanwhile, the two secretaries attract the attention of the local authorities...

:D Love all our men!
Parking lot talking. :) (It must have been cold)

 We look at pictures on the camera together.

"Wow!! Dude! You got the kiss? Man, zoom in!!"
Four of us girlies!
I'm so blessed in these three.
(Miss you girls so much!!)
 May God bless this wonderful new family. Congratulations, Gracie and David!

Adeline, for all

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Andrew's House Building is Underway... (link)

...and it's looking amazing. (We're super excited!!)

John Wright posted today, here-go have a look.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life. 
 I am that bread of life.
Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness, and are dead. This is the bread which cometh down
from heaven, that a man may eat thereof, and not die.  I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.
-Jesus Christ
 The morning's painting...Isn't God amazing!!?
We painted our fridge with chalk board paint! We're loving it.

Take heed, young striplings...
Nieces!! (Oh my word!) With Uncle Paul and Bird Dog one afternoon when we got to watch them.
Cutie Pies...
 (how can little girls warm your heart so much!!?)
 Mumie Love with the mail.
Some precious random guy I saw at Wal-Mart. While I was sitting out in the car, he was looking over this little pink bike so carefully. I love seeing big country boys sheepishly getting things for their girls. So sweet!! Living here, is wonderful...
Daddies are...there are no words.
Morning coffee with Mama and Marth...
Daddy and Bird Dog in the living room. (B.D.'s on a towel-she's since been allowed only on her mat on the floor...poor beast, but allergies will be allergies...
Men's breakfast and construction business meeting one morning. It's so neat to see all their giftings working together.
Morning light on pine woodwork...
 Liam loves to sit next to B.D. and pet her. She has to stay on her mat, so he just sits there and loves on her. It's sooo cute!!! This child is so. so. precious (Guess what, he can say my name!! :) There are some very smitten Aunties here...)
And...the boys saved up and got an English saddle off ebay!!! (The saddle is stunning, and they look very equestrian on it.)
This is seconds before the bid ended. Tension is high. ;)
Me and Marth got our ears pierced! Our earring options are now delightfully diverse! (Pretty creepy having someone thrust an awning through thine ear. ;D  )
Shoes on the steps. Love my boys!!! So much. (Look, there are five pairs up there, how cute is that?) Boots and Sperrys, that's my men....
And here's The Couple!!! :D Looking cute, as ever, and are seen here exchanging quiet evening conversation in the living room. ;D
"...a good ole boy and a pretty little girl...."

Love them so much...they bring joy to our hearts, everyday. (Oh, Mom's been working on her dress, and it's gooorgeous!!! Can hardly wait for y'all to see it, Marth looks like a dream....)
Seeing a little niece picking yellow flowers on a gray day across the yard, and watching her for several minutes, completely herself, pondering and discovering little things in the mustard patch. Remembering how wonderful it was to be a little girl, barefoot and watching a ladybug bend down a leaf. Isn't it captivating, and beautiful?

And then seeing a blue bird perch on an old post, and watching it fly off, it's wings alternatly being grey, then sapphire blue as it's feathers went up and down.

I wonder how the sky is looking down on you today? How are you? Love and miss you.

Thankful to Jesus, for being The Bread of Life, for giving me that eternal life, because of His sacrifice for me. He is good. Do you know Him?


Adeline, for all the Mortons