Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Life and Love-A&K

Dearest people!

How are you!? Wow, life has been unbelievably amazing. God is ever faithful, ever good, always full of the deepest, most beautiful love for us. His love is overwhelming...
It's so good to be back on here!!! Missed y'all so much. We've been enjoying instagram but I have found that I miss recording life on here. I know blogs are harder to take the time to visit, but to me, there is something wonderful about writing on here and sharing's almost like a journal of sorts. Writing things out and looking at the pictures some how helps me process life's flowing story. And that some of my favorite people on earth can read along makes my heart smile. Much love to you.

Gonna put up tons of delicious wedding pictures from Marth and Tayte's wedding! But first...a HUGE joyful congratulations to my darling brother Andrew and...his beautiful fiancee, Miss Kennedy D.!!!! They were engaged in April and coming up here in the next month will become one very happy man and wife. There are absolutely no words to express how much joy and peace our family has for this darling couple!!! She is one of my best friends and my sister heart is just overflowing with happiness!!! I can hardly believe we actually get her as our for-real sister!!!!! There are just no words. How we love her. Andrew's hearts desire has been granted, and it has been so. so. incredibly fun watching these two fall in love. It didn't take long, LOL. :D So...of course, engagement pictures!!!

(aww, hers had a sp'winter in hers sweet. :P)
Andrew is working on their darling future little home and has gotton so much done! Keni's gonna have that place looking homey in no time.
(on the road down to their home site)

And...favorite for last! This picture is simple, raw joy. We are so thankful for this beautiful love.

Love, and happiness,


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Praising our wonderful Father and thanking to Him for the miraculous gift of His precious Son Jesus Christ. 
What a joy it is to celebrate His coming, A Mighty God coming in such a tiny frail and helpless, born so that He could die, to redeem us, set us free.

My Redeemer, Jesus Christ. 
He lives, and He is Lord, and today we celebrate His birth. And what a beautiful story it is.

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."
  Isaiah  9, 6
The night before Christmas...oh, my goodness, there's nothing like it...
Except Christmas day! 

Chilly Morning.
Chocolate overload. 
Wrapping paper, shredded.
Christmas music playing.
And love.
So much.

Motherest made us a big waffle meal, and then we had Lupper of Daddy's steaks with Marth and Tayte!! So fun having the newly weds hop over for a visit...they are SO darling! 
Oh, then we went to go see Unbroken in theaters, and we loved it! Popcorn, coke-ies...and then Daddy reading the story about how our Savior came to us. 
Sitting around in the family room, quilts and blankets and hot coffee and cookies (that flopped but that were still good) and eggnog, and then Daddy and Mama sharing things with us and talking to us. I am so blessed.

A day to celebrate, and just be. 
It's been glorious.
And our Christmas dinner. 
Because I treasure pictures of people eating. It causes joy and laughter and warm feelings to my heart. And because I love them.

 So thankful for each of these people, who make life extra merry!

And halleluiahs to King Jesus, who came here so many years ago as a tiny baby, and Who sits now Victor over sin and death-our mighty Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel.We have so much to celebrate!!

Love you all dearly,


Friday, November 7, 2014

"Got Married"

Mr. and Mrs. Tayte Russell Alexander

Lovely friends,

They're married!!!
Forever and for always, M&T, Mr. and Mrs., Sweethearts, Best Friends.
Our hearts are full of such love, such joy, over watching these two be married. Our Father is so good to us. We love Him.
When you stop and stand in the afterglow of the past month, the Autumn's afternoon sunbeams hit your face and the music comes back and that feeling of that day makes you draw your breath
and smile with your eyes closed,
and dance around the house to the music that made them sway during their first dance...
The look in their eyes.
Listening to their vows.
Knowing God was watching, knowing His Spirit was there in a mighty way to bring glory to His awesome name.
Watching the little picture of the big picture.
The day Martha and Tayte got married.
It was beautiful, truly.
 "Hug hug. Keeese keeese. Little hug, keeese....
 Awwww... *laughing*
Their first dance...
The wedding party, 50 strong!!!!! We had a blast.

We can hardly wait to share all the pictures and stories! More to come later.  Just wanted to share our joy with you!

Love to you!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Only 40 days to go...

...before these two love birds tie the knot!!

October 25 is on her way, with skies as blue as their eyes and when the day arrives, we'll be waiting, having spent some of the most precious times of our lives, excitedly preparing for the beautiful ceremony that God has orchestrated, as He tarries and moves in our lives and writes good, glorious stories. The day will be here, and suddenly, it's today! And they'll be joined together and their love will keep growing and growing, as it is now, a little more everyday, and they'll sign their names Mr. and Mrs., and they'll be completed, they'll be better together.

Three cheers for our darling couple and their upcoming nuptials! In the meantime, just wanted to share some shots of our blue eyed beauties!! I've never laughed so hard during a shoot as I did with my sister and her man...So fun. :)

This time is so special. Just wanted to say what a blessing Marth and Tayte are to both their families. We love 'em. We are simply, ecstatically happy for our baby girl and her man. God is so faithful, always. He gives good gifts to His children.

And aren't they darling!!?

Huggies, all.

Love, AGM

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Grandparents and Babies and Skies

Oh my goodness. Loving this precious picture! 
So gratful for our wonderful and awesome grandparents, Grand Daddy and Nana!! 20 of their great grandchildren gathered around them (all of Mom and Dad's grandkids) and we laughed and told our Father, thank you...
And in 20 years, each face will be even cuter then it is now, because we'll look back and say, "Look at you! You were such a baby..." and I'll still be a completely smitten Auntie. 
Oh, and sometimes the sky is so breathtaking you have to stop and capture it.
God is awesome!
And, then, little grandbaby smiles.

Kendall, you joy my heart!!!

Have a beautiful day, lovely person.