Saturday, August 23, 2014

Grandparents and Babies and Skies

Oh my goodness. Loving this precious picture! 
So gratful for our wonderful and awesome grandparents, Grand Daddy and Nana!! 20 of their great grandchildren gathered around them (all of Mom and Dad's grandkids) and we laughed and told our Father, thank you...
And in 20 years, each face will be even cuter then it is now, because we'll look back and say, "Look at you! You were such a baby..." and I'll still be a completely smitten Auntie. 
Oh, and sometimes the sky is so breathtaking you have to stop and capture it.
God is awesome!
And, then, little grandbaby smiles.

Kendall, you joy my heart!!!

Have a beautiful day, lovely person.




Mrs.Rabe said...

So precious!

Y'all make some beautiful babies!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture of babies and great grandparents. What an amazing legacy!


Anonymous said...

Hi dear Morton family !

This picture is wonderful. All these children are just so lovely ! Lord is Great !