Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bonjour, Mon Cheri! And a Turtle. And Us.

Oh, how are you!?

I've missed popping on here so much! So much life, so much living! God is good all the time. So many things to record and remember...Oh, first I'm gonna throw on here a picture that I've been wanting to catch for years-a turtle crossing the road. So now I give you The Crossing with a laugh and twinkle because I'm so tickled with it!Isn't he a joy!? Poor speciman. And he did make it across. :D
And here's the Michael Morton Sr. family in a recent family photo session...(See, how little we've gotten!?) And how huge we've gotten!! Here's the whole clan, March, 2012. I think the happiest time in the world to me is when these people are all on the same spot of earth.
And here's a few more of Poison. (that eloquent and complimentary name was given to the terrified beast by one of the grandsons on being told that his shell had poison on it. Hence the name, dearie!) Isn't he beautiful? In a strange sort of way. God is such an incredible Creator!!

Well, I bid thee adieu.

Much love,


P.S. It is raining outside, and it is beautiful and it smells like memories...Love you, and looking forward to putting up more memories soon! Good afternoon.