Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ah, my goodness-girls, look at this!!

Is this not simply luscious!? The delicate sleeves, the richness of the ribbon, the pear blossoms, her soft hair, intricate necklace, gentle countenance...

All together, the most beautiful picture, I think, from all of my google image finds.

Incredible! Blow it up for more detail and additional drool...

I've added this to my "clothing inspiration" file. :) So, what 'ya think?

Have a really, beautiful and blessed day, dear sisters!

Addie Grace

Thursday, October 28, 2010

One afternoon...

"Thisth is Joe. Aunt Agwine caught me on the front porch one day and she said that I had on a really swif polo, with navy shorts, and that my blue eyes were shining wistfuwwy, and my blonde hair especially cunning, and that she could not resist my cuteness. Tho, she got the camera, and I did my best to pwease. These are the wesults.
My first weaction to her request. ( I always try to look excited, for her sake)
Not thure why, but she especially woves my eyelashes.
This is my "I'am-on-the-campaign-trail-and-and-would-wove-for-you-to-vote-for-me" look. Auntie said it would be effective if ever I would wun for office.
I suggested this one for the campaign flyer, but she did not think it would make asth good an impression. I just said whatever, because I'm not even running.
This was one 'a her favorites.
You've no idea how exthausting these thsessions are. Had to stop for cheek breaks every hour.
This thsot was taken shortly before I asked to be released. She could not wesist my pleading, questioning gaze. This one also turned out to be a personal favorite, however. I intend for this to be my profile picture on my website.
If it is as effective as my campaign flyer, I should do well.
When she was finished (she never knew how tired I was-I always try to make thure my employees don't feel, you know, bad) I was wewarded treats, and much admiration.
Both very wewarding.
Well, hope you like these as much as she did.
I thrust your evening is very pleasant.
Your thruely,
Joseph Morton, Jr.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Goodmorning, Mon Cheris!!

I do hope you're well this lovely morning.
It is still dark out, and soon the sun will "burst forth like a bridegroom from his chambers, and as a strong man to run his race" and the day, this 26th of October, will be beautiful, I think. In fact, it already is. The crickets are singing outside the window, and the most scrumptious breeze is blowing. It smells like the ocean a little.

We just got Cleve off to work with a lunch. such a sweetie. Did you ever notice you seem to laugh more in the early morning? :) Mornings and brothers and sisters are wonderful.

Oh, we got a tiny bit of rain yesterday! Praise God. We sure needed it.

Oh, yes-here's some October-ness-and-there-abouts!
A few of 'de bros...
And a few of 'de sisters...I miss you, Dorothy.The autumn wild flowers that grow here. The delicate fragrance of the purple ones are amazing.
Cleve took me and Marth out to the cutest (and most delicious) pizza place, and then to a fabulous coffee shop the other night-we had so much fun! Thanks, dear brother! Our waitress was even an dear old friend, so that was extra fun.
The table one evening...I love sunlight on pears...
We had the great joy of giving our dear friends a dinner and nights stay this month at our "Calathora Bed and Breakfast" ;)-we had so much fun with it! Above is the couple of honor. Lovely two, that.
And we got to be with their wonderful kids. Such a joy to be with. Here's S., helping us 'wait on' her parents. (One of the sweetest girls in the world. I mean that...) She brought the scoop,Marth brought the coffee, And I the ice cream, over to our guests. All to assist:THE waiter with dessert! Kudos to Andrew, our waiter extraordinaire!!
My precious parents-I love this picture!
Below are a few pictures of our awesome brothers one Sunday afternoon.
Samuel Quintin, watching.......this! What a cool picture.
More observers...
Another neat shot...
And my dear brother in law, holding Wallace. So darlin'! He's grown so much! Wallace, that is. ;P
I now present to you, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Esther, lightly reclining upon a feather cushion, shortly after her evening sandwich. She had originally wanted this in oil, but time prevented the commission.
She wanted this to be burned, and at it's publication, both her hair dresser and her PR consultant were fired and were financially ruined.
The afore mention purple flowers. I love the buds in the left hand corner. Oh, no, scratch that-other left. :) Aren't they neat looking?
That foot is the essence of complete satisfaction...sleepy, in an Uncle's old, soft t-shirt, and back in Mama's arms after an evening at the grandparents...William is such a joy!
Me and Cleve. Packing vegetables one CSA morning.
Few things are cuter. :)
My Five Little Indians on night during family time. I love seeing them all five in a row. It makes you feel like your parents are rich. And they are, thank the Lord! And they're so cute, too. :) Love what Edwin's doing.
Ta da! The laundry room, in a state of hysteria. Wes was so kind to come over and fix our hot water heater. Marth has since righted the room, and the heater works perfect, so all is well in that important portion of the house.
Mama dear and Wallace.
Cleve brought me this awesome smoothie and the peach was so pretty I had to get a picture.

And here's some more of Esther. Her unaffected, submissive cuteness is adorable. She really has no idea what she does to everybody. :)

Hot coffee in one of my favorite mugs.
Critter!! I love this child.
And this other one of Mama and Wallace is my favorite. Mama is so graceful! And look at Wallace, chewing on his paw. :) He is simply-adorable.
"I do so hate to see you in irons."
Another pear picture. We got to can tons of these! They make-well, Martha makes them into, delicious cobblers. :) What a blessing the gift of pears has been.

Well, 'das it fer' now. I'm gonna run. Have a beautiful day!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Guess who's here!?

Our darling Dorothy and Noah!! We are having such a precious time...there is nothing sweeter then having your whole family, right all around you. Praise God. My heart is so full!!Mrs. Sanders looks very happy. :D You just can't put into words how good it is to see your sister again. They came bearing gifts, the dolls!! Jewley, journals and candles for the ladies, chocolate cashews for Daddy, silly string, crayons and coloring books for the boys, tubling block, and mugs for the older boys...they are too sweet! We enjoyed it all immensley.
Piles of dirty dishes. :)
Watching videos together. This one must not have been too funny. No, he's finding it. :) "Nip it in the bud!"
Getting the table ready for a clan dinner! What joy...
Four of the grandsons play in 'de dirt after lunchie...
WaterWilliam chowing down on Aunt Dee's rolls.

Two cuties