Saturday, October 2, 2010

Martha Harriet... one of my greatest earthly blessings. And she's so photogenic and BEAUTIFUL! Ah!
And so patient when her sister gets in a shutterbug mood. ("Sh-eee's in one of her moods!" ;P ) I love you, Marth-thanks for being such a precious sister!'s my latest "photography" attempts! Enjoy, dahlings!

So, there they are! Let me know what ya' think...any advice? I know the model could not be improved on, just the photography.. :) Many kudos to my awesome and lovely sister!

Ta~ta, beloved observers! Have a beautiful and restful Sunday tomorrow.

Oh, yes-happy Autumn!! Isn't this exciting!? *happy, contented sigh and grin* It's here at last. I'm just enjoying it so much.

Alright, I'll run. Love to you all!

~Addie Grace


Davis Family said...

I miss y'all!!! Martha is so sweet. I've never seen her unhappy:)
Alex Davis

The Campana Family said...

Oh Martha, you look lovely!
We miss you all terribly!

Alyssa and Mariah

Anonymous said...

I especially like the first photo. It really shows off her clear blue eyes. Nice work!



Kels said...

Martha you are so precious!!! You have a sweet glowing smile and bright blue eyes that just stand out so beautifully.
I miss you all very much.
Love and Hugs,
Kelsey W.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at the Calathora website and noticed this blog. What a beautiful family! I've always enjoyed talking with you all on the blessed occassions. I've enjoyed looking at the photos, what a true gift with the camera you have. Take care all.

Melisa M. Baker

Smith Familia said...

Oh Marth! You're such a doll ;) You look positivly gorgeous!
Poog, I LOVE the second pic, her eyes look so crystally blue "I rave about her!"
Love y'all!

Grace S. said...

Beautiful pictures Adeline and Marth!!! I love and miss you both! Love, Grace

Anonymous said...

Lovely photography and gorgeous subject!
I miss you all terribly, (I couldn't tell at first who's steps ya'll were on!Not very observant am I?;)
Hugs and kisses to everyone!
Love, Dorothy