Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Few things are cuter. :)
My Five Little Indians on night during family time. I love seeing them all five in a row. It makes you feel like your parents are rich. And they are, thank the Lord! And they're so cute, too. :) Love what Edwin's doing.
Ta da! The laundry room, in a state of hysteria. Wes was so kind to come over and fix our hot water heater. Marth has since righted the room, and the heater works perfect, so all is well in that important portion of the house.
Mama dear and Wallace.
Cleve brought me this awesome smoothie and the peach was so pretty I had to get a picture.

And here's some more of Esther. Her unaffected, submissive cuteness is adorable. She really has no idea what she does to everybody. :)

Hot coffee in one of my favorite mugs.
Critter!! I love this child.
And this other one of Mama and Wallace is my favorite. Mama is so graceful! And look at Wallace, chewing on his paw. :) He is simply-adorable.
"I do so hate to see you in irons."
Another pear picture. We got to can tons of these! They make-well, Martha makes them into, delicious cobblers. :) What a blessing the gift of pears has been.

Well, 'das it fer' now. I'm gonna run. Have a beautiful day!


Mrs.Rabe said...

I do so love seeing your beautiful family! I have never seen Esther's longish hair! So sweet - I bet Katie adores having a wee girlie!

You were right when you said your parents are rich...they are indeed!

Anonymous said...

What precious children. The babies are too cute. You are very blessed family.


Love the artistic pear pictures too!

Regina said...

Adeline, what a blessing your posts are to me through the miles. Thank you dear!

Mrs. Regina Graham

OurLilFullFam said...

Aw, such lovely pics!

Holding a baby is so relaxing and warms your heart so! And makes you glad the Lord has seen fit to bless again with another soldier for His army!!

Yes, the laundry room is such a must for us! When it is in dis-array, it can make the whole house utter chaos! Glad your water heater is back up and running, and the laundry room!


The Zimmerman Family said...

I just love your posts Adeline! Such fun! : ) You have a beautiful family!


P.S. Say hello to Katie for me! I can just jump over to facebook to tell Rachel hello. : )