Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cleve took me and Marth out to the cutest (and most delicious) pizza place, and then to a fabulous coffee shop the other night-we had so much fun! Thanks, dear brother! Our waitress was even an dear old friend, so that was extra fun.
The table one evening...I love sunlight on pears...
We had the great joy of giving our dear friends a dinner and nights stay this month at our "Calathora Bed and Breakfast" ;)-we had so much fun with it! Above is the couple of honor. Lovely two, that.
And we got to be with their wonderful kids. Such a joy to be with. Here's S., helping us 'wait on' her parents. (One of the sweetest girls in the world. I mean that...) She brought the scoop,Marth brought the coffee, And I the ice cream, over to our guests. All to assist:THE waiter with dessert! Kudos to Andrew, our waiter extraordinaire!!
My precious parents-I love this picture!
Below are a few pictures of our awesome brothers one Sunday afternoon.
Samuel Quintin, watching.......this! What a cool picture.
More observers...
Another neat shot...
And my dear brother in law, holding Wallace. So darlin'! He's grown so much! Wallace, that is. ;P
I now present to you, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Esther, lightly reclining upon a feather cushion, shortly after her evening sandwich. She had originally wanted this in oil, but time prevented the commission.
She wanted this to be burned, and at it's publication, both her hair dresser and her PR consultant were fired and were financially ruined.
The afore mention purple flowers. I love the buds in the left hand corner. Oh, no, scratch that-other left. :) Aren't they neat looking?
That foot is the essence of complete satisfaction...sleepy, in an Uncle's old, soft t-shirt, and back in Mama's arms after an evening at the grandparents...William is such a joy!
Me and Cleve. Packing vegetables one CSA morning.

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Brittany said...

Love love love the Ester pictures and "quotation" under the pictures. Very adorable! Look how grown up she is getting to be. *sigh* I sure do miss my Southern family and friends! Praying you all are doing well!
Brittany way out here in Idaho!