Monday, September 30, 2013

Photography Session 9/17/13 WesLea and CO


Good morning, peoples kind!
Here are some of THE most beautiful pictures of one of the most beautiful little families ever! My fantastic brother and sister-in-law and their 4 wee bits, who delight my heart and my lens...aren't they simply gold? Working on my quality, but I cannot get over my lovely subjects. Delight!
Laughed so hard while taking these...there are just some people who can make you roll with laughter.

Have a wonderful day!


Adeline for Studio A.

P.S. I have just breakfasted on a piece of hot toast and a cup of steaming orange spice tea. I feel incredible English this morning. (Happy hellos to everyone across the pond this morning! Love!)


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Happy Fall Time!

Isn't Autumn glorious? I hope you're doing fabulously, and that your Summer has been beautiful. Ours has-the Lord is our ever faithful Father, helping us in joy, change, adjustments, life and in every kind of moment that we're given here. He is our Joy, Life, Love. 
Oh my word, it's been an amazing Summer. 2013 is nearer the end of itself than the beginning of it. I almost can't believe it's September. So many things have happened in each month, that flew by like wind, but I suppose that's true of every year. How are you? Thinking about so many of you, often.

Just as I was sitting here, the sun came out from behind banks of clouds that it's been hiding behind for the past four's beautiful!!! It always has been. I love the way it makes shadows on the ground. In the woods it's especially beautiful-every swaying leaf is mimicked in a darker green and then the path in front of you almost dances, between bright yellow sunlight, filtering through the deep green spaces that sway and swirl, and green, leading you down to where you hear the water flowing...

May you be blessed this morning as you enjoy being His.

Much love!


 P.S If you don't belong to Jesus, seek Him, and give yourself to Him, please. Drop a comment if you like, we're always here. Love to you. 
 Dorothy, Noah and Enoch came down for the weekend this Summer...Here we are, breakfast on the back porch! 
 In the kitchen with the Family-O!
Then...Dee got to come the next month!!! For a whole luscious week!! :D While Noah was out of town for the week, we got to have her and Enoch (and the forth coming Tiny Baby) here and it was, well, just really, really good to be with her. Here's Dorothy and Rach off to town for lunch out. (It's so fun watching them be friends together at all different stages of life. It's a true blast.)
And Grand Mama watched the two wee specimens, who were both crying in unison as their mommies drove off. So cute! Mums had them happy in 2 minutes, though. Swings and animal crackers and Grand Mom love.
 Playing Rook with Dorothy and Martha's at Rachel's, (one of the best things to do for fun, ever, pretty much) and laughing over a hysterically amusing and adorable niece. She entertained us all by rolling and doing baby summer salts...she cracks us up. "Enchanting little ritual. Something you uh, learned at the Abby?"
 Love you, 'ana!!!

 Movie time!-if we can decide what to watch, the mean time all the joking is making you roll...
 Katie and Rose Darling Baby! This child...she has barrels of personality and brings so much joy to her Mama and Aunties and family...
 Cards, Cookies and Chocolate-the three C's that have chemistry.
Game Night in the barn with the whole clan...Above is Martha and Admirers.
 'ittle Men. Play at your own risk.
(hahaha...that is tho' fuuunny! You're tho' punny!!)
Wesley takes the dice in his shaking paws, muttering quietly as he tumbles them out onto the board of doom. Father watches in silence as, in slow motion, they soar several feet, landing somewhere over Africa with a laud crash, scattering Samuel's carefully placed rows of footman across the earth and onto the floor....
"Hey. Watch it, buddy." Sam breaks the silent adrenaline. "Kept the dice inside the building, OK?"
 Par-par rolls in triumph!!! He is 'de best.

Here are three samples of the extreme cuteness toddling around the house for the week. (this child appreciates freshly ground flour, unaccompanied. Healthful soul.)

We had so much fun, Dee and babies. Thanks for coming. Love!
 Sarah!! We miss you, SO much!!!
 And here's Luke, being held by his favorite Aunt Birdie, whom we love and had so much fun with the other day.
LOL, he's like, "Ahhhh!! My WORD, Auntie-wook at your eawwing! It so 'parkly...
 ...ohhh, yeah, loooking good..."
The gorgeous flowers that came in the mail!!! Aren't they stunning? B&D, you brightened up our day, for like, two weeks! They lasted forever. It was the most beautiful thanks you note I'd ever gotten. :D

And....this Summer Daddy was so extreamly wonderful and redid our dining and laundry rooms, plus the kitchen and the back hall. It is bliss now! The few weeks we were working on them were fun, hectic and quite a feat of daring and drama. Below is the first floor in three stages of exciting terror during the reconstruction stages:
Oh, my word, it was hilarious. Almost quite literally...
But, here's the dining room, set to rights, finished and looking ravishing! Thank you, Daddy. :D
And the Lord, too, for His kindness, and especially in giving us some amazing specials at Lowes. He is so sweet to us.
 Morning we started moving back into the dining room!!
"Do you want the job or not, snack shack?"
 There was some regularly enchanting fits of horse play.
 Mike was amazing with cutting in with the tile. That boy is a silent genius wit such things.
Beauty amongst chaos.
  "Are, are we done? Is, is everybody gone now? Eh. Good. My cheeks are killing me...A little break? OK."
Me and my bestest friend!

 The horseplay continues. (It may not look like it, but I can breath and it was funny)
 "She's tied up!!! Hahahaha!!!"
"She was like, "Eh! Ugh! Untie me!!!"
 Polyurethane Portrait (Isn't this cool?)
 (This stuff can very possibly kill you, by the way, the stuff to the right
Our sustenance for many a morn.
"Well said, Painta'."
"The head, your highness."
(Marth really was a beastette with the painting. The pantry is so refreshing to open now, all white and fresh!)
It's so wonderful to have 5 sweet Oxen about. They are enormously fabulous when moving heavy furniture about, among other things. Love my boys! So much.
Mama and Lukie at a birthday party the other night. Have you ever seen a more gorgeous Grandmom!?
And...I now give thee, the coolest picture of the year 2013. 
If you can find something SO incredible about this picture, leave me a comments and tell me what you see!!! Blow it up!