Friday, June 22, 2012

A New Blog.... some of my favorite people in the whole world!!!

Dearest Observers, I give you:

 Brothers Five   ( !

That is...the new blog of my five little brothers, (who are awesome!) Andrew, Samuel, John, Edwin and Paul Morton. They got their first intro post up tonight and they've already make me laugh...I love them. :)

I can hardly wait for more of their posts!

Much love from a happy (and adoring) big sister,


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Today. And Lusciousness.


It feels like Spring in June.

My Mama is in the kitchen, cooking. Making hamburgers for lunch, and fresh tomato soup for supper (with Daddy's homegrown tomatoes!) with an Italian amount of garlic.

I am once again overwhelmed by the blessing of friends who are also like my sisters. Marth and I had an impromptu spend the night party at 'Manda's with Angelita last night. Sisters. Chick flicks and pillows and PJs and talking from our hearts and praying together.

Hydrangeas by the side steps.

 For beautiful music that makes you want to dance. I'm listening to this today!

The dining table overflowing with baskets of fresh vegetables from the garden. (any favorite eggplant recipes, mes cheris?)

The fact that I can rejoice and be glad all my days because of being satisfied in the incredible mercy of Jesus. Psalm 90 has blessed me so much.

And for pictures that make you smile and edify you just scrolling though them.

I give thee now, kind Observer, inspiration!

I love finding pictures that reflect God's love for beauty and craftsmanship. So. Here are my latest goodies to share with you.
A room with an odd assortment of furniture and hues of blue that make you think of the sky with a few quirky clouds.

This makes me laugh!!


And then this....
J Peterman. Mens jacket, with green lining. Olive green.
Why do I love squash so much? With onions? In a cast iron skillet? Timeless, incomparable comfort food.
Soft gathers. Gold bracelets. I love her hair. Nix that yarn like mess hanging down. Replace it with something turquoise and soft. Velvet? The cream silk...that golden yellow...

J Peterman again.
Behold, one of THE most gorgeous men's wardrobe ever!!! Ah....Just throw in some front zip sweaters...some bootcut jeans, white tees...some seersucker...Georgia boots...and a carnation for the lapel of the coat.
A shoe that delights my heart!! I'm in such a yellow mood. Look at the folds in the fabric!

Doesn't this kitchen just say "honey-come-in-dahling-and-eat-something-and-bake-bread-and-also-chicken-marbella-and-sit-and-talk-and-drink-coffee" ?
Eucalyptus is so. so. pretty in arrangements I think.
Another Louise Green that is 'dericious'!
 Another flowey yellow yummy!
 Delight!!! Stripes! French Provincial with gold details.

One of the most understated, stunning bags in the world. (Peterman once more)
Isn't this the sweetest little cake?
*Quiet sigh of pleasure*

Can it get any better, non?

And this. This is a picture of a lady homemaking and it is beautiful. 

I would so love to have this framed! This inspired me. I love, love love it!

So-what was your favorite? I love hearing what picture jumps out at people. :) My favorite was, of course, the girl in the kitchen, but then those shoes...and also the chairs. And golden yellow skirt. Oh, and isn't the chandelier in the kitchen stunning? Did you see that!?

Alrighty-I'm off!! Thank you for enjoying these with me.



Thursday, June 14, 2012

2011 Retro # 4 Winter Picnic with the Smithie Kids

Ah, there are few things more wonderful then nieces and nephews. (Aren't they adorable!?) I got to take them on an Auntie-spend-time last winter, and a hot chocolate picnic was in order. It wasn't super cold, and the crunchy leaves sounded so peaceful. The stillness of winter woods is so quiet and yet so loud at the same time. I love it. See, that one little colorful leaf!? :) are the cuties themselves! (All of us in Winter makes me usual knit cap makes me double over sometimes when I pass a mirror...)
Hot chocolate is good medicine.

Oh my goodness! Just look at them....
"Esther, smile!" 
"Is'th my hair-a good?"

One wonderful thing about Georgia is that you have flowers almost all year round!

Bret III (I love you, buddy!)

Here is moi, a very happy Auntie! (Aren't my self portraits getting better!? ;) I never knew Auntie hood was such a delight.
Ronny is adorable. He found this wire while we were down there and drug it over all  my himself. That child has got the muscle!

 Well, toodles. Love all those chillrens' so much. All 17 of our  grandbabies!


Aunt Poog

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2011 Retro # 3: Of Saturday Afternoons and Sisters

I wrote this a little more then a  year ago and just never published it...thought I would now! Hope you have a beautiful day!

If you had climbed up in one of the tall pine trees that circle around a small, open grassy space, on an unusually beautiful Saturday afternoon here in south Georgia, you would have looked down, over there, and seen that there were two girls on a quilt in the grass, with an odd assortment of things piled around them......a basket of various junk food retrieved from the bread drawer, a thermos of hot water, various teas, a jar of honey, a shotgun, ammunition, journals, pens, camera, blankets, pillows and books. Having arranged themselves thusly, the two could have lived comfortably for several days.

They begin to sip their tea in the planned afternoon of quiet thoughts and contemplation. They talk, then fall silent. Then an outburst of laughter.... the indistinguishable sound that comes from the shuffling or moving of something they're holding or looking at that you can't quite see.

The sky is the brightest of blues, the air has the refreshing nip of early spring, and the little birds are singing out their tiny hearts in beautiful praise to their Creator. As you are looking through the long, spikey clusters of fragrant needles, you see that they are situated on a knoll leading down to what they call a beautiful creek, but what in actuality is really a little trickle (but they love it, so that was all that matters). The cows drink out of it when they are thirsty on a hot Georgia days, and are a ways off from the trough.

They read for a while, and then, as sisters often do, end up holding their books while they talk, and then eventually abandoning them as their conversation continues...One of them fixes herself a cup of hot, steamy tea. She is using her shoe as a cup holder. She takes a picture of her amusing invention, and then one of her sister, reading.

They are talking now. Everything is beautiful...the gentle wind, the bird's song...except, in the midst of the blue sky and perfect weather, they miss their sister, an older one who's just been married, very much. As they sit and enjoy each other, they feel at the same time incomplete and strange. Like they want to jump up, leave their picnic, and run give her a hard hug and tell her they miss her, and that they wish she were here-but at the same time, they don't wish that she were with them, because they're so happy she's happy and married. Ah, she is in a beautiful season. Yet they are, too. Just a different one.

Sometimes you miss her in your home and in your everyday life so very much that all you can do is go to the bathroom and cry real hard for a minute and then laugh at yourself because the thing you're crying over is really the happiest thing in the world. But you do miss her, and feel strange without her.

But they know that, as time goes on, they won't feel strange anymore, and they'll learn how to be two instead of three. Yet that very knowledge of getting used to the new normal puts a lump in your throat sometimes. But, oh, Lord, thank You for such beautiful seasons of being three together. That was really fun. And thank You for this new season. Marth and I are really enjoying it and learning allot of new things. Thank You for helping us to feel better and get used to change. We're not quite there, but we're doing better...thank You...

That's what they talked about, the two girls, huddled on the blanket, talking their hearts out, feeling less strange than they had been. Knowing that we can learn new things and make new memories, and knowing, too, that we can hardly wait to see her again. To all pile on the bed and eat ginger snaps and milk and be so happy to see each other we all start crying, and then, as always, laugh at each other for being so silly...

Monday, June 11, 2012

2011 Retro #4: Thanksgiving on The Island

Good morning y'all,

Yes, another retro post. :) Still experiencing computer problems! But I'm loving all the memories so much...Last year we had the greatest joy and honor of spending Thanksgiving with our dear Uncle and Aunt at their home off the Georgia coast-Grand Daddy and Nana and our cousin C. and Michael and Kressant and their crew were able to make it, and we had a truly wonderful time. There is nothing better in the world, I think, then to be with your family!!
They had this awesome low country boil prepared for lunch, with tons of Auntie's super famous desserts, and then smores, that evening, and horse shoes, bikes, the creek...of course the best part of it all was sitting together and laughing and talking. To hear the sound of my Grand Daddys, Uncles, and Daddy's laughter together in a medley reigning supreme, with Mama's and Aunties joining in merrily, grandchildren howling, is a sound I've missed so much, and one that makes me want to cry for joy hearing it. I missed allot of other voices, but maybe they'll be able to be there next time. It was just a very special day for all of us.
Cuties.Mama and Auntie in the kitchen! Auntie's kitchen is such a warm, loving place.All the guy's music was awesome!
Marth and I hopped down to the lunch site and tidied to picnic table.Their woods are just gorgeous.
(I love my sister Marfa!!!)
"Me's on my way to 'da creek!!"
Marth giving Jonny a piggy back ride...
It's as if you're in another world. Like one out of a book.  You know that feeling when you go somewhere you just barely remember visiting as a little child, and you go back and it's even more enchanting than you remember? That's a breathtaking experience.Low tide...All the grandkids were quite excited.Stability
Cleve, back then, a-few-weeks-before-he'-married!"There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot." ~Steven Wright

My family.

Ah, those are really beautiful words to be able to say...and to think-they all belong to Jesus and love each other-I'm so super blessed!! It was wonderful. We have so much to thank God for.

Thank You, Lord...

Love to all-and hope that you have a wonderful day.