Thursday, June 14, 2012

2011 Retro # 4 Winter Picnic with the Smithie Kids

Ah, there are few things more wonderful then nieces and nephews. (Aren't they adorable!?) I got to take them on an Auntie-spend-time last winter, and a hot chocolate picnic was in order. It wasn't super cold, and the crunchy leaves sounded so peaceful. The stillness of winter woods is so quiet and yet so loud at the same time. I love it. See, that one little colorful leaf!? :) are the cuties themselves! (All of us in Winter makes me usual knit cap makes me double over sometimes when I pass a mirror...)
Hot chocolate is good medicine.

Oh my goodness! Just look at them....
"Esther, smile!" 
"Is'th my hair-a good?"

One wonderful thing about Georgia is that you have flowers almost all year round!

Bret III (I love you, buddy!)

Here is moi, a very happy Auntie! (Aren't my self portraits getting better!? ;) I never knew Auntie hood was such a delight.
Ronny is adorable. He found this wire while we were down there and drug it over all  my himself. That child has got the muscle!

 Well, toodles. Love all those chillrens' so much. All 17 of our  grandbabies!


Aunt Poog


Lauren Hope said...

Adorable! What precious faces... The picture of the photographer is especially cute. ;)

Love you all,

Mrs.Rabe said...

Bret and Ron were just wee things when they were here! Now they are little men!

So cute!


OurLilFullFam said...

Such cuties!!


Anonymous said...

Seventeen cutie pies??!!! What fun!


Elizabeth said...

17?! I'm only counting 15, I must be missing two someones.