Sunday, January 31, 2010


Tonight I just wanted to thank the Lord for all His blessings, and for His gift of salvation to us, that He gave in His great mercy, before we even accepted it. That He loved us while we were yet sinners. At times I am speechless. God is so good, and so gracious to us, His Children. His mercies are new every morning.

Blessed be the name of the LORD.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Robert's over...

...for paintball, dinner and fellowship! We had such a jolly time! The older boys came to play paintball with our guys, and the girlies came along to keep Darf, Marf and me company-:) And help with chores. ;P We spent the deliciously rainy afternoon running hither and yon, splashing all over the farm, playing cards at Rachel's, reading, helping with supper, visiting...The rest of the dear 'Woberts came with ice cream in hand, later in the day, joining the happy mob for supper and a relaxing evening!

Thank the Lord for such precious families to walk with! We had a precious time, y'all. Thanks for everything!The partaking of sustenance commences...
Campbell looking very elegant while...playing with the center piece. ;)You're adorable, Tom. Love all the different looks...Ah!! Little boys are so much fun.Oh, what beautiful, adorable gorgeousness! He is: Jonathan!Dessert, the serving of.
Supper, the eating of.
Dessert again, the hoarding of. (Just kidding, Campbell and Daise. Your expressions are just cute. :D)The boys "sit down to a game of whist"...Edger with his hand...
And Cleveland enjoys a joke-ling...(Love this one of you, Cleve!)
'De dear Mums and Par-pars around 'de fire...
Willie poses with his game, LOL. :)

(That is actually Tiger, our only pet still living. All our others keeled over on us in the past two years. Alas! But Tiger remains ever there, always resting in his spot in the family room, ready to play with the visiting grandchildren... :)
Me and Norma dear...And (most all) of the girlies around our beloved island! Sure did enjoy the afternoon, dears! May the Lord bless each of you...

Alrighty, well, I'm "off to sew!" (sisters joke, LOL:) Really, I do hope to get some sewing done this afternoon. I think I shall call Katie darling while I'm cutting out...I got to really, really missing her this afternoon. Ah.

Sam and the little boys found a mouse tunnel in the pasture, and had a good time with that, LOL! :) M&K's cat enjoyed it, too. Mama dear is making English Muffins, (yum!) and Marth is doing studies, I think, and Daddy dearest is over at Mr. "Fan Blade's" (as Paul calls him, LOL-his real name is Van Blake) putting in a garage door. We're missing our darling Cleve and Andrew, who are off having a ball on the slopes up North with some friends!! Snowboarding sounds really fun, however precarious, LOL. :D Ah, they are so wonderful. I miss 'dems... Oh, and then Darth and Sam are planting trees (trees!! can you believe it! We're so excited. :) in the yard and all around. So proud of them doing such frugal (digging up trees out of the woods) and diligent (finishing by tractor light) job of the landscaping. Three cheers, wonderful sibs!

OK, well, farewell, dear readers! Have a blessed afternoon.

Love a very happy, and thankful to the Lord for all His blessings and mercy,


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eggs Arrive!

Ta da!! Observe the first four eggs of the season! Aren't they pretty? Daddy and the boys sure have raised some fine hens, and the eggs are even better looking then the chickens. :) The egglings looking quite at home in Mama's egg basket.

Praise the Lord for good food!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Martha's 17th Birthday!

We celebrated our precious Martha Harriet's 17th birthday on the third-Happy Birthday, dearest sister!

What a tremendous blessing and ray of sunshine our Martha is!!

She makes things so bright and cheerful, and is always so encouraging when you get down! She is a faithful, loving and honoring daughter, THE most loved and adored "Aunt Marsh" that has ever breathed, a devoted grand daughter to her precious grandparents, an encouraging, uplifting (and hilariously funny) sister to her many brothers, and her sisters most beloved companion and comrade. Most importantly, she is a Daughter of the King of Kings, and is (part of) the Bride of Christ. She loves her Saviour with her whole being, and His law is her delight. His Holy Spirit that dwells in her shines so brightly-to the world, her family, and to all the children that she loves and cares for so dearly.The family gathers to celebrate...
Daddy and Mama gave her her hope chest this year...She has already got some things in it, and I know with her artsy-ness, she will soon have it bulging!
Looks like Paul's pretty shocked with the amount of...chocolate!Such a sweet, pretty card from Mike and Kress...
Martha and her Daddy Dear...We love you, Martha, so very , very much!! We're so blessed to be your family!

Happy Birthday, Dearest!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello, Dearies! -or- 'Tis late January...

Ah-what a wonderful happy day this is!! What a merciful, loving Lord we serve...we just got home from such an encouraging Church meeting, and an afternoon of sweet fellowship with the Saints...Praise the Lord!! We are fixing to go get pizza and watch A Man Called Peter...goodie!! Daddy dear-ieo thinks of the funnest plans! :)

Farewell, everyone! Love to all!

For the family,

AdelineJanuary has been going by peacefully, new schedules, chore changes, new and wonderful weather, projects...each passing day making me realize even more how good and patient the Lord is with His Child. He is so merciful!

Ah! Observe, above, the luscious use of the clothes line! :) What delicious, comforting, spring-y weather we have been reveling in!! Simply glorious. I know whenever we can start using the clothes line, the sheets will once again have that crisp, clean smell of air and grass and sky-and that the Cold Winter is soon to go away. John has been working on a wonderful project of late-he's making beautiful flags with the Fruits of the Spirit written out on them-he's almost done, and it's so encouraging and uplifting to look at them! (and to watch him make them) Looking wonderful, dear little brother!JOY!Mama and Sam go over studies...
Sam's saddle horn picture...lovely...Aww. Our poor orange tree. 'Tis the frost, hon, the frost that did this. A few weeks back we had the coldest cold snap we've had in like, five years in our part of the country, and it killed tons of things-field and fields of produce is ruined, our garden pretty much decimated, and, our orange trees. Alas. They were wild, but they were still pretty. :D
Granddaddy darling came down a few days ago, and we got to have him over for dinner! (We missed seeing you, Nana dear!) How I love our Granddaddy-he is so wonderful!!"Daddy wit' him's Carlo..."Dorothy and WilliamDee's current (?) bushes are budding...wonderful, sista!My valiant Sir SteadsterPaul helping Dee in her flower beds. :)Double Faces...pretty cool! :)MoiAh, we've had tons and tons of rain this past weekend (we've had about every weather extreme in the past month you can have except snow Hot one day, deluges the next and killing frost between. :) Today the menu is extra windy, with a sprinkling of rain, and two slices of sunshine be'twix.

Anyway, above is some of the precious fam returning from an observation excursion, mudding trip (some of them) and a canoe ride in the woods. :) I love Paul's life jacket, LOL. We're land people, I'm afraid, forever and always!! Rains a foot or two and we hop in life jackets and go canoing in our pasture. :)Tom after his mudding, ready to go ride the horse...A look into the family room one night-the married kids were over, the two babies were sleeping, and these three were playing in there-so cute to watch them! Ze Critter gives his diplomatic smile for the camera...
And Carlo gazing at one of his favorite things, LOL. I think he's going to be real good with electronics and gadgets and such.
Joe says "Pow-pow!"
Dorothy's broccoli seedlings are looking wonderful!
Swiss Chard (?) Sprout

OK, I'm going to run, y'all...

'Till later!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CNYB Part Six-Final Installment

Well, this wraps it up, dearies! (my pity to all who had had enough pictures in part one :) We just love to look at pictures over here... :)

If you enjoyed these, there are two great posts here, and here for those who might enjoy seeing more pictures of the evening!
Trying to get ready for a group picture...that's always a circus act. :)
Sweet Dee and Gabriella waltz...Lovely sistersWilliam Cleveland and William Stone...aww.
The Trio (I love you, Dee and Mee...)
Wow!! (OK, y'all, I officially have gorgeous brothers!! :P)

"Andrew the Awesome"
Around 11:00 the first wave goes out... :) The dancing continues...Abbi, Rebekah and GraceI love the way pine smells!!Around midnight, Daddy dear and several of the fathers prayed, told stories, and gave admonitions and encouragement for the new year. It was a very special, sober time together.Listening...Little Gracia's tiara-so beautiful!!It's so beautiful to see Titus 2 (3-5) being lived out. Thank You, Lord.Sweet Jonathan! Isn't he a chunky bundle!?
Love this.
And this. :D Here's that group shot! Alyssa, this was one of our family's favorites from the evening...amazing, sista! suave and debonaire, John darling.
Martha Harriet reminds me of one of Vermeer's incredible masterpieces....
Cuties in Colonial
Emily's heirloom bracelet...beautiful, m'dear!
Some of the girls at around 2:00... (many of them had already gone home..alas, maybe next year we can take pictures before the evening starts, and get everyone in there... :)
Bretski finally leads in the final act of the evening: yea, 'tis slumber, sweet slumber in this new year of our Lord Jesus, 2010.

Farewell, yon readerlings...I shall posteth again in due time, God willing, of the many occurrances and curious sights that are seen on yonder farm. Also, mayhaps, it's many occupants might, at any given occasion, write out the thoughts and observations of the afore mentioned, if any should avail themselves to aid

The Devoted, yet sketchy at times, Scribe for the clan of Morton,