Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Creation Museum

Good morning!

Now it's off to the Museum, darlins!!
Those Dino eggs were so amazing. These exhibits were so small, yet incredibly detailed. Amazing craftsmanship.Some of our boys...Pauly man gets a little tired. :)
"You have captured the-the Greek atmosphere, in just a few deft strokes." -Mr. Elton ;) I just love Daddy and Mama's smiles. :) Two sweet, loving doves. We arrived back at the hotel, and huddled over to the Davis' and Robert's rooms, (a few doors away from each other) crashed and ate junk food and watched a movie and talked. :D Ah. That was so nice. So refreshing.
Thanks so much for all the goodies, y'all!William receives the admiration of his adoring fans.

It was a trip that we'll never forget! Daddy dear, thank you so much for taking us! Praise the Lord for other bold men who speak the truth in love.

Y'all stay warm, now. It's cold out there. (here, go put on a coat-you're freezing! ;)

Well, I'm gonna run-ta~ta, everyone!



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Anonymous said...

What a fun and interesting trip. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos.


Don't know if y'all are going to the Ladies Tea with Stacy McDonald but if you do I hope we'll get a chance to meet.