Saturday, January 16, 2010

CNYB, Part Four: The More Awkward of the Photographs from the Evening, OR, Amusing Facial Expressions of Those Who Attended, With Dialogue

This one was especially profound. :D
The sheriff and his trusty sidekick guard the hors d'oeuvre tables with a firm hand and serious expressions.LOL...Contented Satisfaction
Uncle Frank gets the head couple in order, while Auntie and R. scare off intruding photographers..."Wow, that IS a good one of us...""Sorry, ma'am-my ride is here, and my hand is tired-I've signed all I'm going to, tonight."

"Yeah!" yelled the burly bodyguard, "Back away, people!"
"They refuse to give him their names, but the ranks are nine lieutenants, five captains, three majors, and one very fat colonel who called him a... "cheeky fellow."
:) Love your expression, Ab. "What's wrong with that girl's hair? Maud asks in a quiet whisper.

"What?" Rach replies in similar tones, "Oh, I like it. But this dance line over here needs some serious help..."

Not sure what Alyssa said to arouse such...expressive gestures.Love these two clapping pictures...
Love the looks here...
"Goodness, did you try these meatballs?"We were, um...very excited greeters. We've never seen us greet anyone before!! (I hope this is not how we always come up to folks.)
"Come, my men-I see the punch bowl has been refilled!""What, what is that-coonskin!?" (Nick, we're in complete jest-your hat was awesome, and really added an authenticity to your outfit that was very nice.) Martha tries sign language across the room: "h-e-l-p-t-u-r-b-a-n-u-n-w-i-n-d-i-n-g.""The practice of chewing tobacco and spitting on the floor, is not only nauseous to ladies, but is injurious to their dresses" -Thomas Hillgrove's A Complete Practical Guide to the Art of Dancing, 1864 "Ah! Miss Eliza!"It's an Italian thing....
Yes-it is getting late. Very late... "No, there's no way I'm leaving any of Christine's cheese..."
"Oh, blasted, my good man-did my wig's ribbon fall out?" Francis asked his friend in a confiding whisper.

"Yes, Marion" his friend said in a gusty tone between gulps. "Your hair is quite askew, to say the least."

"Sir!" a nosy lady in a blue gown called out with an accusing, pointed finger, "I do see it, now-it has fallen down to the floor-but, I do say, quite useless, now, as it has been trampled upon by the boot and slippers belonging to the guests of our good host!"

The rest of the chapter was a little more substantial, it's remaining paragraphs going on to more interesting and useful topics, however, I thought I would insert this little tid-bit. :)

Farewell until another post, dear readers and viewers...Goodnight!


Adeline, for 'ze fam


Distinctively and Deliberately Feminine said...

Hey Ya'll,
That was great. Thanks so much for the laughter. We had such a good time. What a blessing to gather with likeminded friends to welome in the new year.


The Campana Family said...

Oh Adeline, that is hysterical!
I luv the "Italian thing":)
Love you

The Sanders Fam said...

LOL! We enjoyed this post very much over here. Thanks for the laugh.... As always, Addie, you have a great writing talent.

Much Love,

Abbi (For the Rest)

P.S. My favorite was Martha's sign language. LOL!