Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sufficiency of Scripture Conference, Concluding Chapter

Hello, y'all!!

Happy New Year!! (Can you believe it is 2010!!)

Alrighty-I've got allot of wonderful pictures from the New Years Ball that I'm looking forward to posting, but first, I now give you the recap and (ah-another recap One day, one day...:) last post on our trip up to Ohio early in December for the Sufficiency of Scripture Conference-Wow. What a blessing it was. OH! And I can't forget out time at the Creation Museum! What an incredible place! Hence, it shall get it's own postling. Absolutely incredible. We serve such a mighty and loving Creator!

So, now, on to the conference!!

Go here and here for other posts on our pilgrimage to Cincinnati.
Cute little sandwich shop, that.Ah-what an awesome sister!! :)
Dear PeopleTwo of some of the most beloved sisters anyone could ever have...Darling Starbucks!! This stuff is great for keeping one's eyelids opened, and 'tis very dear to mine heart and pocketbook! LOL, it's two mile line is a great place to meet folks, too-fabulous! Now there is multi-tasking for you!
The sweet Campana ladies
The men's chorale was beautiful! It was so neat to see Alan and Uncle Bret up there-wonderful, y'all!Hey, Adams! So good to see y'all again!
More precious people. It was so neat to be in a huge room with hundred and hundreds of brothers and sisters in our Lord, learning, singing, fellow shipping-Let us glorify God and enjoy Him forever! Praise the Lord!What a CUT-IE!!It was so good to eat outside, but it was so cold!! So we had a good time bundling up and snuggling babies. :)
Joe and his Aunt Dee
LaughterI think my favorite talk from the weekend was Mr. Voddie Baucham on The Sufficiency of Scripture in the Discipleship-making ministry of the Church and the home. It was so encouraging.Wait-we know them!Beautiful Rach with little Will-ManVisiting"Look at this!"We had a great time Sat. night with the Miara, Thomas, Campana, Niednagle and MacIntire families-so good being with each of you!! God bless!After traveling back to our lodging for the week,We had such a sweet time sipping coffee and talking at the cafe downstairs for a while with the and miss each of you so much. (they had not yet arrived in this picture, in case you see a serious lack of Campana. :)
Wes and Rach
With our beloved father
Cleve and his namesake...
Dee, Poog and Mee
Suddenly, a beautiful mademoiselle entered and demanded some café très cher. Judging from her accent and costume we assume she hailed from grande old Paris. ;)

(You're awesome, dear!)

Well, goodnight, all. Sleep well!

Thankful to the Lord,

on behalf of my dear family


Rozenn' said...

Oui! beautiful mademoiselle ,je suis française et je vous lis depuis longtemps ,quelle belle famille vous avez !
Que Dieu vous bénisse.

Rozenn' (france)

Mortonclan said...

Hello, dear Rozenn'!!

What a joy it is to have you with us!! A real to life, lovely french mademoiselle!! :)

I think the French language is so beautiful, and I am endeavoring to learn it-I don't know that much as of of, but I'm working on it. :) What part of France are you from?

God bless you, and thanks so much for speaking!

In Christ's name,


Rozenn' said...

Je vis à Mulhouse en Alsace (à côté de la Suisse et de l'Allemagne )merci de m'avoir répondu !

God bless you .

Ta soeur en Christ.