Friday, December 25, 2009

Hymn Sing at the D.'s

One weekend this past December we had the great joy of going to a Christmas party at the home of the D. family-what a wonderful time of fellowship and singing we had! They had made piles of incredible homemade cookies, had tons of delicious food and refreshing punch waiting for us all when we came tumbling in. Ah, everything was so lovely!

We had a time of visiting and feasting, and then enjoyed singing the evening away together. After the singing, the D.'s gave each family a big bag filled with all sorts of wintery comforts and their favorite family game. (we have been enjoying the contents nearly every day since then ! :)
What an incredible blessing the Body of Christ is!! Greeting each other and partaking of the sustenance... :)Visiting
Posing with K.'s cookies!
Aren't Mama and Daddy darling!? :) Ah, they're so wonderful...Mr. K. letting dear family join in the singing via cell phone. :D (We missed the rest of you K.s so much!)
"Glory of God in the highest and on earth peace"-Luke 2:14Mama dear reveling in Grandmama-goodness... :)"Wit hims Uncle Cleve!"
This chile' is so incredibly cute!! Whenever he saw me pointing the camera at him, he stopped, and, placing his little paws on his belly, posed and smiled. LOL, his pose proved to be very effectively adorable. :D
Sweet friends...
Norma and Jo-Man

More visiting below...
I thought this was precious how Jo sat right down next to the men and listened to them for a bit.
Ah-I believe he's spotted something of interest to his little gadget-loving brain, LOL.Utilizing what ever instruments were available. :D (K., I love your pink, by the way:)I shall end with a picture of our lovely hostess.

God bless you, dear D., for such a refreshing and relaxing Winter evening!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening!

Anna P. said...

What a wonderful looking time!!! We did the same thing down here! :)
Joe man has gotten so big!!
See y'all day after tomorrow!!! So excited!
Love y'all!
PS. I love your hat, Addie! And your hair is lovely. :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time of sweet fellowship. We're getting set to go to a Psalm singing next weekend. Nothing like getting together with other Christians to praise the Lord in song.
Happy New Year to your family.


Matthew Thomas said...

I love that pink guitar. I want one...