Friday, December 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap Part 3

Hello, dears!!

The Thanksgiving weekend goes on!
Trying to snitch leftover brownies and cake, gracefully. :)Thanks Alan, for downloading us lots of new music! (Esther is so darling!)Frank-O and the kittySweetnessCleve was so sweet and obliged all of us girls and the little boys, who wanted to go on a hay ride, by driving the tractor for us...there was no hay, so we used quilts instead, LOL. Above is "his staff, a hundred yards behind, trying to catch up." ;D They wanted to run and hop on, so here they are, doing so. Almost there. :) Gabby
We brought along Cleve's guitar and sang carols-mainly The Little Drummer Boy, LOL. That was our song!
Andrew riding shotgun. In a way... :D

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