Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We then plopped all 8 grandchildren on the couch inside and attempted to get their little picture! (Oh, and all of them are under 2! Can you believe that!? :D Praise God for all these sweet babies!!) Are not they the absolute essence of cuteness?? You could just eat 'em up.
The 2008 Models :DLittle WilliamAh! Bret and Jonathan are simply precious. Oh my goodness. Bret III and Mickey III
'De Critter!What it takes to get 8 babies to all look in the same direction. We also had had allot of sugar that day... ;D

'Till tomorrow then, for part 3!


Bb Vawser said...

Love love love love the adorable pictures of all the cute little guys and a sweet little gal!
I so cannot wait to meet them all!
And speaking of meeting them, I don't know if you heard or not but Andy and I will be flying home on the 3rd of March!!!! We already bought tickets! I cannot wait to see everyone! I hope that we all get to see each other again! My dear new brother in law loved the idea of cheap tickets and bought himself one, so Matt will be coming with us. Needless to say we are all so excited!
May you all be blessed this Christmas! I love you alL!
Love me,

Sami said...

I LOVE the last pic!!!! It is SOO cute!!


Anna P. said...

What little cuties!!! Nieces and nephews are sooo much fun!

They have all gotten huge!

I can't wait to meet William and Jonathan!!!

It's always fun to try to get pix of a bunch of little ones!! You did a great job!


Baleboosteh said...

Loved the pictures of the babies! What could possibly be cuter!

Anonymous said...

Dear Morton and Smith families:

Love seeing your babies...they are all so adorable and such blessings from our Lord!!!

But I was laughing out loud when I saw the behind-the-scenes pictures of those encouraging the babies to look in one direction...they are my favorite kind of memories...the silliness it takes to make the 'portraits' happen.

Smiling and joyful with you,

Mrs. Stone in 'chilly' (for a couple of days) Florida :D