Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap Part 2

It was a day or so ago that I stood at the window and looked inside-now, I'm in the barn, along with all of my dear family, and it's Thanksgiving Day!! My dear Daddy is carving the turkey-isn't he splendid!?
Near by, on a table, there is a painting of our fore fathers, right after they came ashore, many, many years ago, giving thanks to Almighty God. There is also a copy of "Of Plymouth Plantation" and a Geneva Bible, and a quote from Mr. Bradford on paper. Today we gather together to do the same as the men in the painting-to thank our Father God for all His mercy towards us, and to praise Him together, and to tell of His faithfulness to future generations.

Wesley is hanging fly traps for us in the kitchen. :) Look at all that food, by the way!!
I love Thanksgiving eating shots... ;) I dare say Dorothy's is quite graceful, LOL.
Bethy's, too. :D
"It sounds as if he eats a worrisome amount of custard!" ;DBretskin discussing politics with his cousin...Here's Uncle telling us a joke. I love Auntie's intent expression!!! LOL, it's priceless.Table Clothes
After supper, you would have found my dear father speaking to us about God's faithfulness. What a tremendous time it was. He told us stories, and encouraged each of us in our walks with the Lord.
I am so, so thankful to the Lord God for my beloved father.
And for my beloved Grandfather, too. He reads to us the quote from William Bradford. It is incredibly special and poignant to her my mother's father read to us what our spiritual many-great grandfather wrote. There are 4 generations present today, and it is such an exciting, humbling and sobering thing to think about raising the generations to come in the fear and admonition of the Lord-to carry and pass on this great legacy of faithfulness and love for our Creator, and His Son, Jesus Christ. We have so much to be thankful for, and such a great and joyous responsibility before us. May God help us to honor Him and do all for His glory, and conform every single aspect of our lives to His perfect Word.
We all went outside later and got a family picture-it was so wonderful to have all my darling family together!! (I was a complete moron and didn't put the lens hood on. Hence the poor quality. Alas.) Anyway, here's the best one. Maybe we'll try again later.And here's the Smiths!! Such a lovely group. (and then I remembered! So, I like theirs, LOL... :D)Uncle Frank and his dear girls...


Anonymous said...

What a feast! It looks like everyon had a wonderful time.


The Pendletons said...

Hey Y'all!
Looks like you had a great day!!! What a blessings family is!

Em and I are soooooo excited about seeing y'all at the ball in a couple of weeks! We are having fun getting our costumes together and planning our hair!!

Love y'all!

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

I love the picture of Katie at the table with her new baby!! So sweet!!