Thursday, October 18, 2012

At last!

Pictures of our two darling babies!!

Kind Observers, I now present to you our two newest grandsons,

William "Liam" Cleveland Morton Jr.,

Byron Zizka Morton

The dear little boys were born 8 days part and now there are two blue bows on their Grand Mama's mail box, telling all who pass by that we are enjoying two fine new grandsons! Y'all, I wish you could just see them and hold them. They are SO, just...ah...adorable.
 These two little men are so dear, so loved, and have been so anticipated. They are here at last, safe and healthy, by God's grace. The goodness of Christ is so great. We are so unworthy, and He is so merciful. Bless His name.

Flowers are everywhere! And the blue skies of October are breath taking. Autumn, I love.

The most beautiful of evenings to you.  I hope you are well.



Saturday, October 6, 2012

A precious grandson has arrived!!

A healthy, beautiful little boy was born to Michael and Kressant Thursday night! The Lord is so good. Once more, as is the trend with Kressy's baby-comings, there was quite a crowd downstairs to welcome him into the world and our hearts! :D

Ya'll, this is too much fun-two beautiful grandsons in 8 days!! Blessed be the name of the Lord. Both Mamas did so well and are both doing fabulous!! I can hardly wait to show y'all pictures, but my wretched camera needs to be serviced and C&L's cam. won't download on that poor lap top...experiencing technical difficulties. :)  I shall tell you their gorgeous names when I show you their precious faces. Ohh...and they both have hair!!!

Rejoicing, and giving thanks to our loving, gracious Father,

Aunt Adeline