Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Of Kitchen Showers and Adorable Cousins

A few weeks back, Noah's sweet Grandmother and family gave Dorothy a beautiful kitchen shower up in the Atlanta area-we had an incredible time, and I've been looking forward to sharing this wonderful time with you all!! Here goes!
First, on the way up there, we stopped by our Aunt and Uncle's to see our newest cousin, little Luke-such a sweetie!
Mama and Auntie in his adorable nursery...Aunt C. was a dear and let us drop in on her-she refreshed us with drinks and delightful conversation- we had a great visit, and are looking forward to the next time we get to see them...they're so wonderful.Friday night we stayed with the darling Smithies! We girls stayed up late eating chocolate and talking...I am blessed with some incredible's our 2:00 am self portrait in the kitchen. :D And here is the beautiful Guest of Honor and her lovely Mama, arrived at the beautiful shower and enjoying meeting new family members. :) It was so fun- I would be sitting in one room, and there would be these two relatives beside me, who were peering into the other room, watching her talk to somebody- "Oh, isn't she dahling?" one would whispered to the other. "Ah, yes, she's just beautiful! Such a sweetie..."

Such a precious new family. And, of course, I concur with them. She has blessed our family so! :DI just wanted to say that Mrs. S., or Grandmother, :) is the quintessential southern hostess. She made us feel right at home, and the atmosphere was one of the most welcoming, delightful ones I've ever been privileged to enjoy! And everything was so beautiful, too-candles, flowers, and piles of delicious food. Dorothy has been been so blessed in joining this sweet, welcoming extended family! Praise the Lord.
Fruit. Ah.And here are Dee's lovely dragonflies. :)
Aunt J. brings carrot cake.
Let the party begin!

Before we started, two of the ladies gave a devotional about being a wife that brought tears to our eyes. It was so encouraging, so precious. Thanking the Lord for all the wives and mothers He has placed in our lives.
LOL, the ohhs and ahhs were many and much. So many gorgeous and generous gifts. Dee's going to have so much fun setting up housekeeping with so many treasures!Marth and Grace. :) Two cuties. They make me smile.Abbi DearestIt was so good to see Nana and Grand Daddy there. Here's Dee and our sweet Patriarch!The dear Davis ladies (the third one is coming soon!) and Dorothy stop for a picture..."Sisters, sister..."
Our photographer was so cute we all just had to get a picture of her getting a picture of us! Love it.

After all the scrumptious gifts were opened and amply ahh-ed over, visiting and more eating took place, and then we had to sadly part ways-the time just went to quickly! But so wonderfully.

After reluctant goodbyes (we miss those Sanders ladies!) we loaded back up in "The Beast" with the Smithies, and on the way back to their house to retrieve our luggage, we stopped at thrift stores all the way home. So conveniently located. ;)
Mama dear does wedding research while traveling in the Smith's incredible bus. "The Beast" is wonderful.Thrift Store shopping is only an excuse to stop by our ever faithful Krispy Kream. Bliss.

We enjoyed our weekend so much. Thanks to everyone for their hospitality! Dorothy (and us) have been so blessed.

Have a wonderful morning, y'all.



Monday, June 28, 2010

In Which Dorothy and Noah visit the Town Square

Last week, when Noah and Bekah got to stay over 'till Monday, Dee and Noah went to the courthouse to get their marriage licence. Me and Bekah dear got to go along as chaperons, and we enjoyed being with them so much. :) It was such an honor to accompany them as they did such a special thing. I'm so glad we got to get some pictures of it, too. Such an incredible time.

We enjoyed the fountain outside for a bit and then we went shopping and got junk food, :) and then relaxed the rest of the day back at the farm with the Campana's and the rest of the fam. :)
We got some pictures of them in Daddy's incredible cornfield later that day, and I just thought they were too cute. :)LOL, trying to keep a strait face when imitating Grant Woods' famous painting...Just love this one!! Dee is SO cute. :)
I always just call it "the guy and his wife with the pitchfork."

This one is much better. Way nicer couple, and hoes are tons better than pitchforks! ;)So sweet....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good afternoon, all who readeth!

I hope yours is going splendidly. :) Ours is, praise the Lord! It's pretty hot, but that's so good for me. :D And it's actually rather nice, because the heat feels so-so healthful, and balmy. When it's warm you can get up early and get piles more done. And you can breath! I love good, warm air. Fluffy clouds. The smell of hot pine straw, and deep green grass that has released it's fragrance in the heat. Delicious...

Wedding plans are in full swing! I love weddings. 'Specially when it's in your own family. The bride's maids fabric came in today, and had been sent off to the four corners of the deep south for Dee's sweet friends and sisters to sew up in a jiffy. ;) (Right, girlies? LOL, So sorry it's been so long in coming-y'all are dear hearts.)

Ah-full week. Poor Mama got the worst tooth ache she's ever had, and it was excruciatingly painful for a day or two-then, Sam developed an in-grown toe nail, and then John Man got his finger sliced open with a pair of scissors. Eh. Thank the Lord everyone is feeling better, and are enjoying the use of their mouth, foot and hand once more.

I've been in the barn today, doing one of my very favorite things-getting ready for an event! And then this is our own precious sister's wedding, so it's tons more special. :) The joy of pulling out the white silk ribbon from the closet once more, tying new bows, arranging the seating, getting her ensemble prepared...ah, pure joy. I even subjected the Catling and her kitties to bows around the neck, in preparation for the big day. I shall expect them to behave properly with their wedding adornments considering the training they've received. :)

Ah...each wedding has been so precious, and I am looking forward so much to watching my sister covenant together with Noah before Almighty God and us, the witnesses. What an incredible, historical day is approaching. Sometimes in the midst of all the changes that take place when a sibling is preparing to leave and cling, all the planning for the day and the many adjustments of life in these seasons, I can loose sight of what a holy and incredible thing it is. Just thinking about it, I am in awe. Praise the Lord! Wow.

Once more, I am reminded how blessed I am as a sister...Cleve is incredible. The other night he came up with a plan to take us three girls out to the movies, and then for a treat! What a doll. We had such a special time together, and had a complete blast watching our first 3 D movie. He got us tons of popcorn and drinks, and we sat there in our awesome shades (haha) and laughed and thought and teared up and laughed some more, and had a blast taking pictures and swaying to the credit's music afterwords.Ever since we've been playing Spanish guitar music around the house and twirling towels around in the kitchen, LOL. Armik is incredibly gifted with a guitar. Coffee, desserts and an appetizer platter went next....we spent the rest of the evening at Apple Bee's, just loving being together. We laughed over certain scenes, critiqued the movie and talked about life and what we've been thinking about...I'm just so blessed in my siblings!! Goodness. Oh, and we got the nicest older waiter. He was a dear and even took out picture. :) Thanks Cleveland! We love you so!

Well, a caving party is at this minute down in the depths of the earth! Sort of. :) Our own dear Dee and Cleve are among the adventurers, and a pile of friends and other family...Praying they have a fantastic and safe time down there!

OK-gotta run, munchies-audios, and have a fantastic day!!


para la familia del Morton!

Monday, June 21, 2010

26 Days and Counting!

Hello, dears!

Can you believe our Dorothy's wedding is in 26 days! 26! Wow. We are all super busy around our house, enjoying everyday we get to have Dee here, :) and having a ball planning the upcoming marriage ceremony, reception, and weekend that surrounds it.

I just wanted to testify of the Lord's goodness and graciousness to us-He has just blessed us with so many amazing, wonderful, generous and thoughtful friends...may He bless each of them for being used of Him to bless Dorothy and Noah and our two families in this special time. My heart is just so full. :D Praise the Lord!!

One day this past week, on a hot afternoon, all of us kids scraped up our spare change and hopped into the car and drove down to Mrs. Ophelia's and got drinks and some candy-ah, it was so nice to feel the wind, that smells like a summer afternoon, blow through the window, and see the huge oaks trees' shade cover you as you ride down the dirt road to the was so good to see sweet Mrs. Ophelia, and the drinks were wonderful. :) Those spontaneous outings with your family are so much fun.
Holding up our loot! Yum. :) And, no, I did not get caught in the electric fence, LOL. ;)
Dee driving us....

God bless your evening, dear reader! Pray for us when you think of us. :)

Much love from a very excited sister,


Monday, June 14, 2010

Regional Retreat at Calathora, May 2010

Good evening my lambs,

I hope you all are having an incredible Monday!

Here I am with a little overview of the retreat that our church hosted here at our farm. This retreat's general topic was "How we are made to work and how God wants us to carry that out". There were also some sessions on preparing your sons for marriage, and how to build a house dept free. Below is the packed and very encouraging and inspiring session filled (just love that masking tape, honey-such useful stuff!) schedule-the Lord really blessed the weekend, and we are all excited about learning of more ways that we can try to apply the Word of God in our lives, for His glory!

The weekend was also a very special, relationship building one. Some very precious times were had together. Thanking the Lord for such dear friends.Ice cream...ah, it was awesome! And Norma thought so, too, really. ;)The wonderful servers...The afore mentioned delicacyFew things better than root beer floats.So precious.Auntie's laugh-one of the best sounds in the whole world... (miss y'all, Campanas!)

This is one way to get to a speaker, LOL. :)
Blue skies, white clouds, green trees...God is the Artist.
Coffee, cards and music one night...
Noah and Dee make lists. :) These two are so cute!Just loved this baby guitar! (I'm sure that is not the proper name, but it looked to cute and little, I'll just stick with the term. )Our brothers keep us all entertained...
LOL! Looked pretty cool.Oh-this cloud Saturday night was incredible!! Mr. J. called it a cumulonimbus cloud. It was absolutely breathtaking. It was almost dark, and my pictures didn't turn out that great, but it was cool to get a shot of the lightening, even if it is fuzzy, LOL.Piles of us stood out there watching the lightening show, slurping on our root beer floats and saying "wow, did y'all see that one!!!!" even while everyone was standing there watching the whole thing, LOL. :) Love that.

God is awesome. Even the tiniest display of His power, in a cloud miles and miles away, and you just want to get on your knees before Him, and tremble and thank Him. Bless the Lord.

Well, 'das it, dahlings. For some reason, we got like, hardly any pictures all weekend. Alas. But if the pictures were few and frail, the weekend was fabulous and full!! :)

While we're on the subject of wonderful fellowship, I shall post a few pictures from past Sundays...the families in our local church are one of our greatest earthly blessings, and we're just love 'em so much! Ah...I think Sundays are my very favorite day of the week.

I'm sure there are going to be more pictures than you bargained for, and I'm afraid the following deluge might only be of interest to those that are in them, LOL, but if you care to see a smorgage board of some of my very favorite people in the whole world, get you something nice to drink, like, say, maybe a cappichino-wait, scratch that-it's summer, and a hot one at that, so better make it a lemonaid, and then throw in some leftover cobbler from the fridge. (it's okay to eat it out of that tupperware container, honey!)


Now, sit back and enjoy....