Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little Willie Man!
This one is for you, Noah. :DThe other day Cleve drove over to see our friends, the W.'s, at the Florida Folk Festival. the root beer truck. Absolutely the best beverage ever. Excepting water, of course. ;)
And here's the dear W. fam. Cleve had a blast, y'all! Thanks so much.A gold plated banjo. Wow.
This place was a musician's dream. Incredible pieces.Organic garden finds...No comment.

Except that I absolutely love this! Awesome!!

I guess that was a comment. ;)


11acrewood said...

You look beautiful my dear Darthy. Look forward to seeing you in a few hours, Lord willing. Much Love, Noah.

jessica said...

And Cleve's all grown up. I still remember the day our family was over...playing outside and he fell out of that giant magnolia tree and broke his arm. Never a dull moment with the Mortons.....