Monday, June 14, 2010

"No. I can't believe that squirrel is, is eating off my lunch plate! Good grief...look at those teeth. I was saving that fruit salad for me and the ants for later. Wretched, furry creature...."
When Marty saw this stuffed dog she just couldn't put it down. We were all like, why is Marty so taken with that stuffed animal? She seemed so affectionate, I thought I would get a picture for her. She was even stroking it softly. Maybe the dessert had a little too much sugar in it.

Then we realized it was real. That dessert was a little sweet. ;D

(LOL, adorable puppy, by the way, S.!)Brothers enjoy the afternoon...Ah. so sweet. That little puppy was quite the thing that day.
Esther was thrilled. :)The twins pick camellias this past winter...Dee Darling!We always are so blessed by our times together...Passing the book around...Amanda with little WilliamListening....L. with her flower...K. Man with hims Daddy!After lunch visiting...
D. shows the guys a new game...
Camellia-one of the sweetest southern flowers you'll ever see...

More on the next page, my dears!

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