Monday, June 14, 2010

Regional Retreat at Calathora, May 2010

Good evening my lambs,

I hope you all are having an incredible Monday!

Here I am with a little overview of the retreat that our church hosted here at our farm. This retreat's general topic was "How we are made to work and how God wants us to carry that out". There were also some sessions on preparing your sons for marriage, and how to build a house dept free. Below is the packed and very encouraging and inspiring session filled (just love that masking tape, honey-such useful stuff!) schedule-the Lord really blessed the weekend, and we are all excited about learning of more ways that we can try to apply the Word of God in our lives, for His glory!

The weekend was also a very special, relationship building one. Some very precious times were had together. Thanking the Lord for such dear friends.Ice cream...ah, it was awesome! And Norma thought so, too, really. ;)The wonderful servers...The afore mentioned delicacyFew things better than root beer floats.So precious.Auntie's laugh-one of the best sounds in the whole world... (miss y'all, Campanas!)


Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures. You all are so blessed to have such a great church family. Thanks for sharing. Hope it's not too hot down your way. Summer seems to be in full swing up here.


Our Home said...

I would love to know how to build a house debt free! You should write a post on that!