Monday, June 28, 2010

In Which Dorothy and Noah visit the Town Square

Last week, when Noah and Bekah got to stay over 'till Monday, Dee and Noah went to the courthouse to get their marriage licence. Me and Bekah dear got to go along as chaperons, and we enjoyed being with them so much. :) It was such an honor to accompany them as they did such a special thing. I'm so glad we got to get some pictures of it, too. Such an incredible time.

We enjoyed the fountain outside for a bit and then we went shopping and got junk food, :) and then relaxed the rest of the day back at the farm with the Campana's and the rest of the fam. :)
We got some pictures of them in Daddy's incredible cornfield later that day, and I just thought they were too cute. :)LOL, trying to keep a strait face when imitating Grant Woods' famous painting...Just love this one!! Dee is SO cute. :)
I always just call it "the guy and his wife with the pitchfork."

This one is much better. Way nicer couple, and hoes are tons better than pitchforks! ;)So sweet....


Anna P. said...

Ah!!!!! So Exciting. :) I just love the pictures of them signing the document. :) And "the guy and his wife with the pitchfork." Picture is so cute!!!
We are so excited for y'all! Can't wait to see everyone on the 17th!
Christ be with you!
Much love in Christ,

Orenczaks said...

That "guy with the hoe and his bride" picture is so funny!
And, what a pretty court house building fountain and all.