Saturday, November 16, 2013


Today was beautiful.

It was filled with so much love, and so much joy that our cup is running over, and the sound of the water splashing all around is like music...

Today, a certain boy took Martha on a walk, and asked her a certain question, and she gave him a certain answer. 

Today, we, with the greatest joy, announce the engagement of our beloved daughter and sister, Martha Harriet, to Mr. Tayte Russell Alexander.
Here they are!!!! (wow!)
The ring...
...and The Couple!!
We bless the Lord for His goodness! We are absolutely thrilled, beyond words, and and no one can stop smiling!!!!! Especially Martha and Tayte. :D

Martha and Tayte.

Isn't that beautiful together?

With greatest joy, excitement and thankfulness, we bid you good night!!!
(Can hardly wait to show you more pictures about everything!!!! See you Monday!! Isn't this amazing? Ah!!! I don't think we'll be able to sleep much tonight. :) Praises to the Lord!!!)


Adeline, for everyone!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tea with Isa


 We had a little tea party
This afternoon at three.
'Twas very small-
Three guests in all-
Just Marth, myself and she.
We ate up all the sandwiches, and next we sipped the tea;
Then Niece gave Bunny several gulps
and to the dollies, three.

When little girls come here to play, we have a tiny spot
Un-der the stairs, little space, where above, we always trot
'Tis where we go to share and laugh
And joy over their smiles-
And watch them be the little girls we once were ourselves.
It's where we play and sing and talk
In accents very foreign
                                                      And sip our tea and eat our cakes

On afternoons in Autumn.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Zac and Sarah Weekend

Ah. We LOVE it when any of these siblings are able to come over for a day or two. They delight our hearts, make us laugh, are so helpful, and encourage us in the Lord-just their being there makes it all a party! (plus they double our frappe intake, which is nice-thanks, Zac) We missed you Benji.

We love and miss y'all, K. family!!!! (By the way, these pictures were from this summer... :) a little late! But it was SO good to see y'all this past weekend.)

(Above is us at our wonderful neighbor's pond!) is funny that Zac is addressing crowds in both of these pictures. "Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Lend me thy hearing aids!"
Riding back home is fun with these specimans.
Southern scalping, as John calls it. :D (Edwin is victor, here.) Love my boys!
Pond art
For a treat, we took Sarah to the laundry mat with us. She enjoyed the tour of all the machines. :D

No, actually, Mama took us on a wonderful time...we did go to the LM, but first Mama took us out to a delicious, leisurely breakfast, where we talked and sipped coffee. We love to just be with Sarah. She is such a peaceful, sweet blessing.
And we noticed we were all wearing blue, America's favorite color!! Isn't that so true!?
Actually, blue is the entire world's favorite color. Did you know that 42 percent of Americans are fans of blue, as are 47 percent of Germans and 44 percent of Brazilians? Over all, 40 percent of people world wide pick blue as their favorite color. The second most favorite color is purple, which was chosen by 14 percent worldwide.
(I googled it, my friends, and voila! Isn't that so cool, though!? Come to think of it, there are also alot of people who like purple, too. Amazing.)
Sunday we took pictures of the guys. Ben and Paul weren't too excited, and are seen here standing awkwardly beside the screen. LOL. Cuties.
And it's T. Man!!! Is he cute or what!!?
He's like, "Sthee what I'm doing here? Thisth stretch is good for yo' hamstrings and keepths your back in alignment. Just placeth your hands on the wall and keep yo' feet shoulder width apart..."
Ben and Tim doing the hoedown!
Stars in Stripes
(LOL...too cheesy not to say!)

De' mans wit' de muscles.
Our Andrew
Me, Marth and Sarah went shopping and had a blast together...
And here's the fence the boys were working on.
We return with frappes for all the urchlets!
Paul remembers he's under 13, poor lad. Only a few more years until he and Steady will be downing that caffeine with the best of them! A life with no coffee is indeed rather stiff. Lemonade must do till then!
Andrew doin' some fencing. There's nothing in the whole wide world like a southern boy. :D
When me and Marth and Sarah were at Micky D.s, we sat behind this amazing family and got to talking and just had the best time visiting with them over our frappes and french fries. They were in our little town for a concert they were singing at that night, and it was so awesome meeting them and getting a sample of "Only Believe Him" sung out in our little corner of McDonalds! We got their card, and then later that evening we invited them over for dessert and had one of the best times we've ever had. What a phenomenal family...and they can SING!!! So hope to see them again soon. It is so incredibly delightful to run into other believers in town and have that instant connection because you all belong to Jesus...
We love you all!! And we're still singing that one around the house...
Later that evening Anna cracked me up as I watched her play with the little people. I LOVE watching children play with Russian nesting dolls. It's like discoveries inside discoveries!
And to end our weekend, here's Grand Mama and Byron one afternoon when Mama got to Grandmother-sit the wee one. Is there anything sweeter than this?

Love to you!!!

Happy, very happy times around here. *very huge grin, then sigh of inexpressible delight* The Lord is so good and faithful, as He always has been and always will be...praise His name!!

Much love,