Saturday, November 16, 2013


Today was beautiful.

It was filled with so much love, and so much joy that our cup is running over, and the sound of the water splashing all around is like music...

Today, a certain boy took Martha on a walk, and asked her a certain question, and she gave him a certain answer. 

Today, we, with the greatest joy, announce the engagement of our beloved daughter and sister, Martha Harriet, to Mr. Tayte Russell Alexander.
Here they are!!!! (wow!)
The ring...
...and The Couple!!
We bless the Lord for His goodness! We are absolutely thrilled, beyond words, and and no one can stop smiling!!!!! Especially Martha and Tayte. :D

Martha and Tayte.

Isn't that beautiful together?

With greatest joy, excitement and thankfulness, we bid you good night!!!
(Can hardly wait to show you more pictures about everything!!!! See you Monday!! Isn't this amazing? Ah!!! I don't think we'll be able to sleep much tonight. :) Praises to the Lord!!!)


Adeline, for everyone!!


Elizabeth said...

Such glorious, blessed news for your family! Congratulations!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Congratulations to Martha and Tayte!

Love and joy are overflowing here too! Lindsay, just got engaged to a wonderful young man from our church!

So happy for you all!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! We're so happy for them!
Sending our love,
the Smiths

GracefulMomto11 said...

Oh Congratulations Martha, Tayte and Families! We are so excited for you all!

Rozenn' said...

FĂ©licitations jolie Martha!

Que Dieu vous bénisse tous les deux.


Anonymous said...

So exciting!! May I ask, how old is Martha? Is there a wedding date set?

Blessings to your lovely family!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Tayte and Martha! So exciting!

Gracie Smith said...

I'm so excited for you Martha!!! May God bless you as you enter into this new stage of life!

Whiddon Family said...

Congratulations!!! We are so so SO happy for y'all.

The Lord is so good!

Looking forward to talking with y'all soon...we want to be of any help we can in the days and weeks ahead!

God bless your families, and Happy Engagement to the lovely couple! :)

Love you so much, Martha! Looking forward to meeting your fiance. ;)

for the Whiddons

The Morton's said...

The Northern Morton's are bubbling over with excitement!!! :) We are so, so thrilled for Tayte and Martha!!

"He who findeth a wife findeth a good thing"

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! Congratulations to Tayte and Martha and their families.



Eleganza Strings/ The DeLadurantey Family said...


Sherrie Stephens said...

Congratulations to Martha & Tate. We are so excited for both of you.
Noah & Dorothy & Enoch's Grandmother

Sarah said...

Congratulations, Martha! You are beautiful!!

allison said...

aww such exciting news!! Congratulations! :)

Mariah Campana said...

Congratulations Tayte and Marth!!!!!
we are so excited, and happy for you both!

Miss ya'll


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the couple and hope you will update more regularly and wish your family a Blessed Thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

Praying everything is ok at Calathora. You always share your joys with your readers and I for one love reading about weddings.

Congrats to the happy couple.


Tricia Ann said...

Adeline, that is one of the best stories I have ever read! Thank you for sharing!

Congratulations to Martha and her new fiancee!

-Tricia Ann Lingo