Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving be to our Lord... everything. We are so blessed. I hope you and your family had a wonderful time of thanksgiving this past week. We had an incredible one!! So many precious memories were made...but before I dive into that pile of sweet/hilarious/meaningful pictures, here is a quiet afternoon with our church family one Sunday afternoon that I could not skip posting.

Our local church body is one of the greatest blessing in my life. I love each one and am so grateful to the Lord for allowing us to meet with and be accountable to, such a precious group of committed Christians. Thank You, Lord...
The weather was absolutely perfect that day. The wind would rain down dried leaves like brown and maroon confetti, carpeting the soft, cold Georgia sand under the oak trees...the sun made glittering patterns through the rustling, still-green leaves. The sound of people's voices, an occasional outburst of laughter, followed by the story teller's finishing of the the tale, himself laughing so hard that he can hardly finish... The creak of a swing that rocks you back and forth, back and forth, dragging your bare feet over soft sand and back again ... A baby's soft cheek. Her crying and calling for her daddy when she feel off the steps to the play house...a trampoline's up, down, up down motion, with a dozen laughing, tumbling little girls on it, every one happening to be sporting pink shoes. (no kidding) Boys throwing a football with their left hand and laughing uproariously over the results... "Push me!" over and again. A strand of hair blowing free from a braid that she brushes aside...A grandson's eyelashes melting your heart. Your parent's love giving you pure, peaceful joy. A few dirty paper plates sit on an end table become an eyesore. A passer-by takes them to the trash on the way to the kitchen to get a leftover dough nut and check on the coffee's progress...Talking. Listening...

Such 'normal' sights and sounds become beloved traditions in your heart, and meaningful, comforting ones when they are made by a group of people who truly love one another...
And then when you get home, you find two finches on your back porch and a huge, pink moon rising just above the pine trees. Two little brothers hold the finches, and then you watch them fly away.

What a beautiful day.

God is so, so good, isn't He? And then He blesses us with times like this. Ah...

Well, I must run to bed, mon cherris. Tomorrow, God willing, I shall enclose myself in the sewing room with water, peanut butter and other survivle items. Never. To. Return.

Haha, no-I got ya. "Just kiddin'. " ;) (that's a Bret III copy, said in adorable toddler tones) I really adore sewing, and it shall be a delicious time! I can hardly wait.

I hope your week is wonderful. Sleep well!


for all

p.s. We miss several families this particular Sunday, hence a sad lack of many loved, missed and very photogenic faces.