Thursday, November 4, 2010

Calathora Farm Tour 2010

Good evening, everybody!
How are you? I trust well. We're doing loverly-packing up for a road trip up to NC for a wedding this weekend! We're so excited!! Weddings are so much fun. :) (I know how exciting the Thursday before a wedding is-you feel like dancing and crying and shouting for joy all at once!Praying for the Browns and Tsantles' tonight...what a tremendous, precious time in your life, right before you give a daughter away...) So, packing and anticipation continues. :)

Oh, and today, it turned COLD!! Chilly! And, I have made a decision. I shall embrace the cold this Winter. This is a big deal for me, because I despise low temperatures. It gets into your bones and makes them creak and your blood runs cold and, and your nose turns perminately red for 5 looong months. Cold is for picture books! ;) Spring, Summer, Autumn~I simply adore. The heat, even when it's high, is do~able. You can move, and you breath in the moist air, and it's healthful, balmy thickness is good for the skin. I have actually learned to enjoy the heat, and sort of revel in it. :) Hence, since I've done it with heat, I hope to do it with cold. I complained last Winter about it woefully, and have since repented. I need to learn enjoy the season I'm in, instead of thinking about the next one. :) So, here's to Winter and the cold! When I'm shivering, I'll relax and take it in, instead of tensing up and resisting it! We'll see how I do.

Alrighty, enough of my silly ramblings about the weather. :) (You dear, patient reader. If you're still reading this, you are amazing. If you're not, well, you don't know I'm saying this, so I'll move on, LOL!)
So, on to the original purpose of this post-the farm tour! We're on an organic farm tour route, and folks drop in from all over the place, all day! We have a blast-we do a tour of our farm operations by hay ride, have tables of goods for sale, make a huge Brunswick stew in an old iron pot, and have a big lunch for everybody with crackers and some good sweet tea at noon. Come by next year-we'd love to see you! As you come into the barn, you'll see our little entrance set up. Michael Jr. grew the sugar cane and wheat. How cool is that!?
Back last night found the whole fam working on chopping meat and vegetables for Daddy's stew today...
Edwin and John's brilliant method of chopping onions. :D
And now this morning, the first of the farm tourists arrive a little after sun up. Above, Daddy greets and talks to one gentleman...Wheat and honey...
And then, again inside the barn, we have the tables of goods...A display of everything that we put into our bread is on one table.
Cleve, right outside, acts as the official stew stirrer.
I love my brother!
Tastefully done wreath. Martha. Cleveland. Soup Stirrer. Adeline. Basket. Newspaper on table. Shadow of van on barn. ;)
Andrew did a great job of driving the tractor while Daddy gave the tour to the folks riding...
"Smile, hon."
I love this picture. :)
Kressy's amazing soap-ah, it smelled so, so good!! And it sold out, too.
Cleve also acted as chief entertainer and guitar tapper. It was so neat to hear the beautiful music in the air, the tractor running, people talking, the smell of smoke, and stew...the Lord blessed the weather, too-it was a gorgeous day.
His Royal Fluffness (Jonathan DeWet)
Paul and his hat. He charmed the masses with his 7 year old grin. :)
Andrew, our wonderful farm manager, rides the horse...
It was a wonderful, exciting, and exhausting day. :) We're looking forward to next year, Lord willing.
OK, I'm off to finish packing! Girls, would you put a black and white head scarf with a red and black outfit, even if the scarf had no red in it? I'll ask Mama, too. Mamas are wonderful. :)
Hehe, I've had a cup of tongkat and couldn't go to bed if I tried, so I'm planning to stay up and play with some trimmings and make a silk flower after I'm done packing! Creativity flows best at night. :)
Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Is Andrew really the farm manager? He seems so young, but imagine he's very responsible.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Enjoy the wedding...I know it will be wonderful!

Your farm is wonderful as well...I love when you share it with us!

Ruth Barton said...

You all have a beautiful place and our family really wants to come down and visit you some time! We were talking about you today as a matter of fact! Wonderful job with the posts Addie, and I think your scarf and outfit would look lovely together, you seem to have good taste in the wardrobe department!
Are you going to be at the Love the Church conference in December? I will be going with another family from up here in Maine, and I really hope to meet you all there!
Do you have any upcoming events at Calathora that us Mainers would want to attend? Mom and Dad want to see your parents again (and meet you all too!)
God bless you all! Ruth Barton

The Real Me! said...

That looks like so much fun! I would so love to come to that! We'll be up in N.C. next week. Wish we could have stopped by ahead of time and visited.
Have a super duper day!

Orenczaks said...

The tour looked wonderful. It is a blessing to see each persons talent show. I enjoyed the boys cutting the onions. It looked like it was fun.

Davis Family said...

Adeline, I won't answer the scarf question because I'd be very lost with colors to wear and whatnot. I'm always at a loss of what matches and what doesn't. And I did keep reading, actually. I love your posts! You are such an inspiration! Especially about enjoying the season you're in instead of looking onto the next season! But I LOVE cold weather, sorry.

The Campana Family said...

Love the pic of Edwin and John cutting onions! :)
And for future refrence I think that red is a wonderful accent to black and white!
Love you all & can't wait until Thanksgiving!

Aunt Lisa