Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pictures of the Nina!

Dearest Observer,
Is not our little grandbaby the essence of adorability!? Kressy came over for a visit the and we had the most wonderful time passing her around and giving her 'tisses!

So now, here is, Isabella Grace at a few weeks old.

Isa, how we love you!!! On her mommy's shoulder. One of the best places in the world to be! "Feel her paws..." :) I wonder what amazing things God has in store for these hands. Grand Daddy gettin' some lovins! I love these.Kate and the chillun's were driving by and stopped and said hey! ( I love you, Katie!)Isa gets allot of kisses from all her adorers!
...and lots......and even more kisses!
I love seeing my parents as grandparents... ...and my siblings (and myself, of course ;) as aunties and uncles! Oh my gracious. She is cute! Hers GamMama' woves her!

Don't you just love her little rosy head band!? It is too much fun watching Mike and Kress with bows, roses, little dresses and a pink car seat! It really is a beautiful things to watch a couple welcome a little girl into their home. We girls really are pretty awesome. ;D Praise the Lord for another precious grand daughter!

How's your day going? Hope it is well. God bless your afternoon! Oh, if you're reading this, Dek.'s, Aunt L., Mrs. Les. and Brdy., and Kate and Charlie, we missed y'all allot at Church meeting Sunday. Hope you're having a super lovely week!

Lots of love from a very happy,

Aunt Addie~O, for za fam

God bless you, precious baby girl. We love you, so much. We're so glad you are here!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our hydrangea .... blooming at last, the dear thing! :) Our botanist hearts are rejoicing. Our God causes such beautiful flowers to grow...

Have a beautiful afternoon, mon cheris!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

An Apology to Thee

'Ello, gentle readers!!

The reason for our repentance is thus: Since May or June of 2010, we don't think we have responded to a single comment that we've received, not even direct questions. How rude can one get? Completely neglected the very basic principles of southern hospitality, via the internet, of course.

Thing is, we really enjoy your comments. (you've no idea how good it is to hear from you!)

We read each one with delight and interest, and publish the lovely ones right away. But then, we would never get around to going back and replying to them.

Hence we've repented of our breach of etiquette, and, if you had a question, introduced yourself (you good thing! we love it when y'all do that) or were just saying hey, please know that we were so blessed by your note, and will now be endeavoring to send a 'ello back!! If you had a specific question about something, please, please ask again and we will try and leave you an answer. You are too sweet.

Most gratefully yours, dear observers. Thanks for visiting us...!


P.S. Oh, yes-a few night ago blogger was down and deleted a few posts recently published, along with their comments. I plan on republishing the posts, but the dear little notes are gone! :( So, If you don't see your comment, that's why. :) Well, all of us kiddos are off to Dairy Queen for a sibling blizzard-of-the-week party! Mums and Daddy~O are delivering CSA bags this afternoon. We may pass them in town. :D The breeze is blowing beautifully today!

P.S.S. *Don't you just love that picture up there? :) I was so pleased with it I thought I'd show it to you. It's a detail shot of an antique secretary (that was in our inventory that we have since sold on ebay-*sniff*) that was in Mama and Daddy's room-the sun light through the cream curtains made for an dreamy reflection on the old wavy glass...This picture makes me think of sturdy mysteriousness...

Pictures on a Sunday Afternoon

Edwin Ogren

Hello, dear friends! Yes, I know this is terribly late...but I loved this old post that I found in drafts so much I had to show you!

These were taken a few weeks before Dorothy got married. All the precious girls in our church took the opportunity to get some pictures all together-and, the Hagens' lake was an ideal spot, so we all came in white, brown, etc., and had a blast posing for an hour...alas, all those are on the D.'s camera. So anyway, when all the brothers saw us getting pictures, they wanted some too, :) so, now, I present to you, a montage of faces and groups-Dorothy and Martha Ann...this is, I think, my very favorite picture of our precious sister!! We miss you, Dee.Martha Ann in Dorothy's earrings...the babies always love to wear her clip-ons whenever she's holding them. :)"Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quite ye like men, be strong."-1 Cor. 16, 13Another shot of Dorothy...
The brothers do a pyramid..."Don't try this at home..."
The masses gather for the show...
John and Edwin :D My brothers are awesome!!Hum. Well, I guess that's one way to catch dragonflies. ;) Serious Expressions #1......and # 2.Candids are delightful...
Our precious parents share a joke in the living room...Ah, what a joy it is to relax together!"Run! Escape, my men, for your play is at photographic stake!"Moi
Two of the dearest girls in the world...
William Cleveland-another favorite of mine. :)

I'm gonna run! I hope you have a simply wonderful afternoon.

Love to all!

Addie Grace

Friday, May 13, 2011

Style Show and Father/Son Camp-Out Details

Spring has sprung here at Calathora and almost given way to summer.

We are looking forward to the 2011 Style Show and Father/Son Camp-Out with great excitement.

Plans are shaping up, families are emailing in to reserve their spaces and details are in place. So, if you will be joining us in June for the Style Show or the Father/Son Camp-Out, click on the button at the side and get all the details.
Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Everyday Life

Dearest Reader,

I hope your day has been blessed and beautiful. Thankfully to the Lord, our's has been.

What a precious gift ordinary days are. This evening we watched a bunch of tornado videos on the internet. We used to live in Tuscaloosa, so as we watched a video of a helicopter flying over Tuscaloosa, we were looking for familiar landmarks.
It is a beautiful city, where my parents met, married, and lived for 10 years. It was the birthplace of the 4 oldest children and much of it was devastated and destroyed.
The home we used to live in was in a part of the town that was decimated. We watched tornadoes ripping across parking lots and blowing up transmitters, and what a little neighborhood looked like 1 hour after it hit.
We have been thinking about and praying for the Lee family, and the Crawfords and others ever since we heard about their situations. Our hearts have been so touched by the humble thankfulness and true trust in the Lord these families have exhibited during this time of extreme trial.
They have inspired our family, and continue to do so. When we wash a dish, we think of Mrs. Lee, of Mrs. Crawford. How thankful I am to have a dish to wash. Or a bed to make. No matter what happens, nothing can seperate us from the love of God. Blessed be Your name, Lord.

"So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom." -Psalm 90, 12

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Grandbabies... I love them.

Below is a collection of pictures of our nine darlings. Isabella was born a few days after this ordeal and there are two more on the way, due in August (Dorothy) and September (Katie)! Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow.
Above: The Great Grand Ones of Nanny&Grampa Charles, and Nanna&SuperGrandDaddy. (We miss you all!)

Hope you enjoy the following! We sure did. ;)

The actual photography session was among the most entertaining things in the world to see - six women trying to get nine babies under 4 to look in the same direction and do something that resembles a smile was a delightful riot...

"Yahooo-babies-babies! Looooook at meee....You are so cute. Yes you are. Yes...." "No, buddy-get your finger out of your nose. We don't do that." "Look at me-look at me. In-my-eyes. Stop crying. Now." "Hey! Yahoooo-darlin', get your leg off his head! It's okay, buddy-You'll be fine. Look here. Smile at me. No, SMILE at me-" "Good, buddy-that's a great smile. You look great. There we go...."

One day I want to video one of these sessions for hysterics. ;) I love my family! Thank You, Lord!

One last thing.

I must to say it-

They are so, so cute.
Michael III (also known as Critter-Michael and Kressant's oldest)

Bret III and Esther (two of Alan and Katie's munchies. Aren't they so precious? They did this pose on their own little selves!) Bret III (Alan and Katie's oldest)
Michael III, Carlos and Jonathan (Michael Jr. and Kressant's three boys)William (Wesley and Rachel's youngest boy-also known as Hey Hey)
I love his smile. So much.
Bret III, Ronald, Esther and Wallace. (Katie and Alan's children)
Ronald (Katie and Alan's second son)
Watching his big brother climb the tree...Esther (Katie and Alan's daughter)
Queenish! Essie Cakes! E'ter Girl. We 'woves yous!!
Joseph (Wesley and Rachel's oldest)
Joey ManCarlos (Michael and Kressant's second son)
Wallace (Alan and Katie's youngest)
Ka-Wally Bear
Jonathan (Michael and Kressant's youngest son)
Jon-Jonny!"Grand Mama!"
My mother is such a jewel-a crown to Daddy and the most beautiful grandmother I have ever seen. I'm grateful beyond words for a mother like Mama! It is beautiful watching her as a grandmother. Her 12 children, that she bore over a course of 20 years, have given her 12 grandchildren in 5 years. Thank You Lord...
The excitement mounts for the munchies!
Grand Mama reads about duckies.And I shall end with my favorite! (I love you Mama!)

Polls opened! Let me know what you think. Tell me about your favorite! (Picture, I mean-not grandkid, LOL) Any photography tips welcomed.

Farewell, kind observer! Auf Wiedersehen! Addio! Au Revoir! Shalom.