Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pictures of the Nina!

Dearest Observer,
Is not our little grandbaby the essence of adorability!? Kressy came over for a visit the and we had the most wonderful time passing her around and giving her 'tisses!

So now, here is, Isabella Grace at a few weeks old.

Isa, how we love you!!! On her mommy's shoulder. One of the best places in the world to be! "Feel her paws..." :) I wonder what amazing things God has in store for these hands. Grand Daddy gettin' some lovins! I love these.Kate and the chillun's were driving by and stopped and said hey! ( I love you, Katie!)Isa gets allot of kisses from all her adorers!
...and lots......and even more kisses!
I love seeing my parents as grandparents... ...and my siblings (and myself, of course ;) as aunties and uncles! Oh my gracious. She is cute! Hers GamMama' woves her!

Don't you just love her little rosy head band!? It is too much fun watching Mike and Kress with bows, roses, little dresses and a pink car seat! It really is a beautiful things to watch a couple welcome a little girl into their home. We girls really are pretty awesome. ;D Praise the Lord for another precious grand daughter!

How's your day going? Hope it is well. God bless your afternoon! Oh, if you're reading this, Dek.'s, Aunt L., Mrs. Les. and Brdy., and Kate and Charlie, we missed y'all allot at Church meeting Sunday. Hope you're having a super lovely week!

Lots of love from a very happy,

Aunt Addie~O, for za fam

God bless you, precious baby girl. We love you, so much. We're so glad you are here!


Anonymous said...

Oh my!!!

What an absolute precious gift! She is so adorable :)


Anonymous said...

How could anyone resist giving that precious little cutie lots and lots of kisses.
The Lord has certainly blessed your family.


Jennifer said...

she's beautiful!

The Kendalls said...

How precious:) What a beautiful blessing. What color are her eyes? ~~ Hello from all of us Kendalls. We can't wait to see you soon!

The Southern Homemaker said...

Precious!!! So happy that y'all have a little girl around now. They are so much fun!

Davis Family said...

Oh my word! She is sooo cute!!! You know how hard it is to look at pictures of cute little babies on the computer and not be able to give them kisses or pinch their cheeks?
Oh, she's so cute!!!
Miss y'all!!!

Mrs.Rabe said...

She is so beautiful!

It was precious to hold her!

I love the photos of your Daddy holding her, the one of Andrew kissing her, and well, all of them!

Greetings from us all to y'all!


OurLilFullFam said...

Such great pics, I love the one of your mom at the end, what a great blessing to be so close! I hope I will have the chance to be that kind of grandmother when the time comes!

I know, it is so fun to have a "different" baby to dress up. I had 3 girls before a boy and it was very neat to get to do the boy thing.


Erin said...
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