Sunday, May 15, 2011

An Apology to Thee

'Ello, gentle readers!!

The reason for our repentance is thus: Since May or June of 2010, we don't think we have responded to a single comment that we've received, not even direct questions. How rude can one get? Completely neglected the very basic principles of southern hospitality, via the internet, of course.

Thing is, we really enjoy your comments. (you've no idea how good it is to hear from you!)

We read each one with delight and interest, and publish the lovely ones right away. But then, we would never get around to going back and replying to them.

Hence we've repented of our breach of etiquette, and, if you had a question, introduced yourself (you good thing! we love it when y'all do that) or were just saying hey, please know that we were so blessed by your note, and will now be endeavoring to send a 'ello back!! If you had a specific question about something, please, please ask again and we will try and leave you an answer. You are too sweet.

Most gratefully yours, dear observers. Thanks for visiting us...!


P.S. Oh, yes-a few night ago blogger was down and deleted a few posts recently published, along with their comments. I plan on republishing the posts, but the dear little notes are gone! :( So, If you don't see your comment, that's why. :) Well, all of us kiddos are off to Dairy Queen for a sibling blizzard-of-the-week party! Mums and Daddy~O are delivering CSA bags this afternoon. We may pass them in town. :D The breeze is blowing beautifully today!

P.S.S. *Don't you just love that picture up there? :) I was so pleased with it I thought I'd show it to you. It's a detail shot of an antique secretary (that was in our inventory that we have since sold on ebay-*sniff*) that was in Mama and Daddy's room-the sun light through the cream curtains made for an dreamy reflection on the old wavy glass...This picture makes me think of sturdy mysteriousness...


Anonymous said...

Your blog is so sweet, and I truly enjoy reading it. My question is what is CSA? Us city folks are a bit ignorant in this area.


Davis Family said...

That is a beautiful picture, Adeline. I love it! So pretty:)


Anonymous said...

I would love an introduction to your family - i know you have in the past - how old are your siblings and what do you all do?
God bless you all.

Mortonclan said...

Hello, dear Victoria! You are so kind. :)

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a type of club, if you will, where we deliver to our members a bag of orgainc, locally grown vegetables from our farm on a weekly basis. CSAs all over the country have different set ups(such as membership fees/payment methods/pickup details, etc.) We've really been enjoying operating one, and have been so blessed with many wonderful customers.

Thanks for asking!


Hey, Alex! Miss you. :)
Love you!




Mrs.Rabe said...

Hi Adeline!

We will be headed your way tomorrow - I can hardly believe it! We are so sad to miss Alan and Katie, but we are looking forward to meeting you all!


Anonymous said...

Hello all! I know I should have introduced myself before. I've been reading for some time, but I don't usually have anything to contribute, I just silently enjoy. However, I've been wracking my brains to come up with questions. :)

I second the motion for a new intro post - you girls are lovely, but I feel like I don't know as much about the personalities of the younger Morton boys and Cleveland (and I'm embarrassed to admit I have a hard time telling the boys apart). Hmm, other than that:

How's Dorothy handling her first pregnancy? Do Katie and Alan ever think of moving onto your land to be with y'all? And as I've enjoyed post your posts where you've given peeks into the past AND the ones with the grandbabies, how about a post with pictures of the Morton Clan as babies for comparison purposes (and because you can't go wrong with pictures of babies)? ;)

Looking forward to more posts! Have a lovely day!

Mrs. Penny

Jordan's Girl said...

Hello Morton family!

I love reading you blog. I just have when "stylistic comment" :). The black background makes the words hard to read sometimes. Just thought I'd point it out so you know. I know you were asking questions not criticism from your dear readers :), and such a trivial criticism it is, especially when I come here for free entertainment and encouragement, but I thought I'd mention it :)! Keep up the good work! Blogs are hard to stay on top of!

The Lord bless you all!
Melissa Niednagel