Monday, November 21, 2011

It's almost time...

...for Cleve to go get married... this sweet girl!
"This is the LORD'S doing; It is marvelous in our eyes." Psalm 118, 23

With hearts filled with joy and anticipation, love and excitement, and gratefulness to our Lord Jesus,

Adeline, for the whole family! (5 days left!!)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

12 Days and Counting!

Good morning, dearest reader!! How are you?

Can you believe the Big Day is only 12 days away!!!? Cleve will be a married man in only 12 days!!!! :D We are so, so, excited for him and precious Lise!!

I thought the rose in the front yard looked so wedding-ish, so I'm posting it here in their honor, along with the biggest hooray in the world for one of the best big brothers in it and his beautiful bride-to-be!

Here's a little taste of life here at Calathora of deliciousness, of course-just being together...doggies, measuring for tuxes, all the beautiful wedding related many amazing things happening when the wedding of a beloved sibling approaches...all the laughter, anticipation, tears, struggles, almost uncontainable joy...a wedding is such a glorious event. Praise the Lord.
And here's The Couple!! (I just adore her look-so precious!)They were examining a la creepy fruit they found in the pasture...any one know what this is?
Movie still, my dear!!! (It's hard to take a bad picture of these two)
The mist rising up off the field one morning...Lise, you'll have an incredible view of the sunrises/sets from your and Cleveland's apartment deck!! :D We can hardly wait to have you down here in our family!!!
Ah, roses....
GrandMama sure did pick some amazing varieties when she planted her rose garden. Ah, how I miss her. I always really miss her and Little Timothy allot when ever the Big Things happen in life and you want to celebrate with them. How I love'll be so amazing to see them again...God is good...
Another rose shot...
What's been on our background lately. Cuties.Here's Edwin Man and our new dog! He was THE darlingest stray, and we all loved him, but he ran off the next day. We sorta miss him, and are praying that maybe he'll come back...we'll see. Aww, we even named him.
This 'ole farm needs A Beast terribly!Cleve's been doing an amazing job of preparing a place for his bethrothed...looking great, brother!! Observe their beautiful dishes in the cabinet!
Superwoman returns!!! ;D
Dearest S. K. and her family came to Katie's to assist her after she had Anna for the day, and I got to spend a little time with her, Z. and little T! And of course Wally Bear! Their whole family is such a blessing.
We all love you, S. You are such a blessing. And Wally and T. are smitten.
The sunset one evening was so brilliant it almost took your breath away! This picture does not do it justice-they always look more splendid in real life. :)
Chattin' with the neighbors!
Who also happens to be your dear brother in law. :D
And isn't the moon above pretty?
Mike and Kressy's house is coming along! It's so exciting watching it come together.
Me, Marth and some of the "little" boys scraped up some change one day, splurged on pizza and then went to the park and had the biggest time together! I love an afternoon of just talking, eating, and playing with your siblings.
The cotton is so pretty this time of year. We stopped on the side of the road and got a self portrait. Try #1...
...and #2! :D
Ah, few things are better then the feel of a dirt road under bare feet and cotton and blue sky! And pine trees!

Mike you're too cute!!! :D I just love all eight of my boys!! He and Mama are seen here, measuring for wedding tuxes! Mama is amazing and got them all off ebay, along with some awesome vests that came all the way from Merry Olde England! :D The guys look smashing.
Paul's GI Joe set up. Looks so cool, buddy!
Love Sam's smile here!
The Wedding Board, on which goes all things wedding-ish!The invitation was gorgeous, Kendalls!! This will be the first double wedding I've ever been to. :)
The exquisite invitation to the bride's maids luncheon. The black and white velum with ribbon was absolutely stunning, I thought. What delightful things to look forward to!

Well, we're off to do some shopping! Goodie!! :D

Have a beautiful Monday.

Love y'all!!

Adeline Grace

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Day trip to Alabamie

And....I got to see this little guy while we were there!! Oh, how I love him, and miss him!! Isn't he THE cutest child ever?! I think he looks like Dorothy allot in this picture. :)

First thing, howev'a, Daddy, Mama, Marth, Edwin and Paul and me got to go to Rora Valley for the day-we had to drop off some farming equipment, which made for a lovely excuse to go see some of our favorite people in the whole world! We've really been missing the Sanders, and Dorothy and her little family, so it was so, so good and refreshing to spend the afternoon and evening with them. What precious family.
(aww, looking at these makes me miss him so bad!)
Martha gave Dorothy and Enoch the quilt she had made for him! Isn't it incredible!!?? He will treasure that amazing gift for always, I know.

I know this, because I treasure the quilt my precious Aunt made for me years ago..

Dearest Darth, it was so very good to see you.
And Abbi brought over hot out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies to munch on while we visited! She is so thoughtful..... an incredible young woman who loves Jesus and her family and others with such a genuine sincerity that it makes you just thank the Lord for her.

We got to all pile on the bed and laugh and talk for a while...sisters are amongst the most blessed gifts in the whole world.
The Sanders invited us to their house for a delicious supper together. What joy to just 'be' with family.
Daddy and Noah talking in the living room...
...while we girls chat in the closet before supper! LOL.
(Why the closet? And why do we Mortons choose the laundry room at our house? :D It's just better that way, ma' dear. The oddest spots are 'de best! :D)
Aunt Wendi started doing an impersonation right before we all sat down for dinner. (LOL!)She was impersonating the 'Snake King' off 'Courageous' - go see the movie, if you have not yet - and we all just laughed and laughed and had the best time-she is hilarious! She and Noah are quite the duo for comedy.
Ah! He is so. so. cute. He's like a little fluffy bunny!His eyes are incredibly blue.
And hims woves hims Grandmama! And Aunt Poog, although he doesn't know that yet. :D

Sanders and Sanders, :) thank you so much for having us in your homes...we love each of you so much, and miss y'alls lots over here!

Have a beautiful day! It's cloudy here, and looks like rain. The breeze smells so sweet, and is blowing yellow leaves down from the trees along the garden fence...