Friday, November 11, 2011

A Day trip to Alabamie

And....I got to see this little guy while we were there!! Oh, how I love him, and miss him!! Isn't he THE cutest child ever?! I think he looks like Dorothy allot in this picture. :)

First thing, howev'a, Daddy, Mama, Marth, Edwin and Paul and me got to go to Rora Valley for the day-we had to drop off some farming equipment, which made for a lovely excuse to go see some of our favorite people in the whole world! We've really been missing the Sanders, and Dorothy and her little family, so it was so, so good and refreshing to spend the afternoon and evening with them. What precious family.
(aww, looking at these makes me miss him so bad!)
Martha gave Dorothy and Enoch the quilt she had made for him! Isn't it incredible!!?? He will treasure that amazing gift for always, I know.

I know this, because I treasure the quilt my precious Aunt made for me years ago..

Dearest Darth, it was so very good to see you.
And Abbi brought over hot out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies to munch on while we visited! She is so thoughtful..... an incredible young woman who loves Jesus and her family and others with such a genuine sincerity that it makes you just thank the Lord for her.

We got to all pile on the bed and laugh and talk for a while...sisters are amongst the most blessed gifts in the whole world.
The Sanders invited us to their house for a delicious supper together. What joy to just 'be' with family.
Daddy and Noah talking in the living room...
...while we girls chat in the closet before supper! LOL.
(Why the closet? And why do we Mortons choose the laundry room at our house? :D It's just better that way, ma' dear. The oddest spots are 'de best! :D)
Aunt Wendi started doing an impersonation right before we all sat down for dinner. (LOL!)She was impersonating the 'Snake King' off 'Courageous' - go see the movie, if you have not yet - and we all just laughed and laughed and had the best time-she is hilarious! She and Noah are quite the duo for comedy.
Ah! He is so. so. cute. He's like a little fluffy bunny!His eyes are incredibly blue.
And hims woves hims Grandmama! And Aunt Poog, although he doesn't know that yet. :D

Sanders and Sanders, :) thank you so much for having us in your homes...we love each of you so much, and miss y'alls lots over here!

Have a beautiful day! It's cloudy here, and looks like rain. The breeze smells so sweet, and is blowing yellow leaves down from the trees along the garden fence...




davis' said...

Oh, how I miss them. What an adorable child. Can't wait to see them next week. Love you!


Anna said...

Just a lovely quilt!

I just love the snake king scene. :) Its a very good reason to learn spanish too so you don't look like a total idiot. :P

Anonymous said...

He is such a cutie pie. That quilt is just beautiful, and I do think it will be a treasured keepsake in his family. Glad you all got to go visit your little grandson/nephew and his family. It looks like you had a wonderful time.


The Kendalls said...

Aww Adeline ... sweet post!! Martha, you did a fantastic job on the quilt! It is beautiful.....I'm sure it will be a favorite :)
Those Sanders are so much fun, looks like y'all had a great time! See you soon :)

Love and blessings,

Joel, Jes and the rest said...

Isn't it so much fun spending time at the Sanders' home? Oh, how we miss them. Enoch is soooooo cute!
Beautiful quilt Martha!
We love you all,

OurLilFullFam said...

What a beautiful quilt! He will love it forever I'm sure! I am sure you miss him like crazy! He is a doll! And your sister too, but it is good that you guys make the time to visit like that!


Smith Family said...

Martha, your quilt is spectacular! Sweet post, Adeline...the closet chat was cute! :)

The McArthur Family said...

Beautiful quilt, Martha!
Thank you for the lovely post, Adeline!
Mrs. Beth

Mrs.Rabe said...

Martha! The quilt turned out beautifully! It is an heirloom!

So glad you got to go visit that darling baby and his family!

Bless you all