Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring is Here...

And we are just loving it!! Such delicious weather! Green grass, gardening, walks, sunny days! Ah! Praise the Lord!

To celebrate, Me and Marth dear hopped down to the woods where our one and only ornamental pear tree (many thanks to some anonymous birdie-by!) is blooming, and took a few pictures! Thought I'd share the results. Enjoy!
A hat, lots of flowers, a pink dress and a precious sister! Love you, Marfa dear!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Beloved Brother has Turned 15

Back in February, our dear Andrew Tully made his 15th revolution around the sun! :)

Andrew, we love you so much, buddy. You are such an incredible son and brother, grandson, uncle, nephew, cousin, friend. I love watching you interact with your four little bothers and seven nephews, and then with your one little niece. :) And watching you talk with your older brothers! It is such a blessing to watch how you get up and go to work with them, or stay home and be Daddy's cattleman, or help Mama around the house and yard. You are one of your three 'big' ;) sister's best friends, and you make me laugh so hard with your hilarious antics and jokes. :D I'm so glad God blessed your family on that cold February morning 15 years ago, making your precious Aunt have a birthday buddy, yourself the oldest of a group of five men, and making you one of the Morton family's greatest earthly blessings.

May God bless you richly as you continue to follow Him, fear Him, seek Him, and obey His perfect Word. The bringing in of the-pie! :)15 candles...
I was walking through the family room and noticed William and Jonathan discussing politics after coffee. ;) 'Ittle cuties. Tom got some beautiful old books from Mama and Daddy for his future library.
Here's the birthday boy standing in front of his birthday sign/he and Cleve's welcome home sign from when they got back from MA and the Thomas' -depicted on the poor paper is 1/2 dozen kids depiction of Cleve and Tom snowboarding, birthday balloons for Tom, snowmen, and other odd drawing of an affectionate motive from people who need some art instruction. :) Much love to our two travelers! :D Love Tom's smile here...Critter, Carlo and Jo-Jo play after Critter's steering wheel, LOL!Andrew Tully-"Strong and Manly-He who Lives in the Peace of the Lord"

May it continue to be so, my dear brother! Happy birthday!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Johnsons Visit

Last week we had the great joy and honor of having the dear Johnson family in our home for the weekend! Daddy and Mama met them while in NC at the Brown's, and we invited them down for a visit-we had such a great time of fellowship together...What a joy the Body of Christ is!Our pear tree is blooming. It was fun putting them on the are such a delight!!

They arrived Friday night, amid much excitement, and we got to keep them 'till Monday! In between, we talked (and talked, and talked :) went on walks, played cards, ate chocolate, and lots and lots of awesome cookies, and just relaxed...we went to church meeting at the Robert's home that Sunday, and after an edifying and inspiring meeting, (and enjoying a jolly afternoon at their home) Mr. Johnson then treated us all to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants that night for was soo good and we were so touched by their kindness...We then visited and talked 'till early the next morning. (back at home, of course-the restaurant owners would not have been having as fun as we were if we'd done that, LOL. Hence we took our ball home and made hot chocolate, tea and coffee and visited more! :) Lovely times...

Monday, our men had to leave for work, hence the lack of persons in the group picture below. :) And poor Rach had gotten sick Sunday night, and so Dee was over at her house helping her, hence her absence as well. The Johnsons helped us move our chicken fence before breakfast, and then afterwords we waved them off with laughter, hugs, and hearts filled with gratefulness to the Lord for such an encouraging weekend with friends!The kitchen-or, The Gathering Place. ;) It's so fun working in there together!LOL, I did not realize I had the camera on manual focus, but here's the whole lot of us down for supper one night! Ah-ha, observe the beautiful artisan bread on 'ze table-Stephanie made it, and we girls were quite inspired by the pretty braid and sesame seeds...they were like, the most helpful, easy people ever, and brought tons of mouth watering food down with them. We felt like we were on vacation!Me and Stephanie play around with her really, really cool wide angle lens...I want one! The results from the above angle uh...never mind.Dutch Blitz and Catan were greatly enjoyed over the weekend...And the dishes always disappeared...Thanks so much, sweet girlies!And they are, the dears, helping us move out chicken fence. It went real quick with so many hands.Paul Man doing his bit..."Uh, excuse me-what ARE you doing?" *to be said in Australian accent* ;)Matt Esther, Hannah and MarthaCritter gives me The Eyebrow. :D Cute 'ittle Specimen...Sweet SistersSteph and John-John!
I just love this picture! Such cute randomness. Here's our many-people-absent picture. We're still quite a jolly lot, however. :)
And here's the lovely Johnson clan!

Thanks for everything y'all!! Come again soon!

Love to all,

Adeline, for the family

Friday, March 12, 2010

Our "Lonely" Weekend and Snow!

When Daddy and Mama dear went up to North Carolina a few weeks back, to go to the Brown's house for a marriage conference, we kids got lonely down here and decided to have a grill out and invite everybody from our church and some friends over for the evening! With Mums and Pa~pa's ok, of course. :)

So, off we went we went to town and got a ton of hot dogs and such, called everybody and checked the weather, and, HA! For the first time in like, 10 or 15 years, we get our first "real" snow, way down here in Georgia! So much for our bon fire and hot dog roast, eh? :) Hence, we just grilled out on the porch, and had a complete ball playing in our precious snow. Kressy telling a story...always a wonderful event. :)Cleve grilling for us!"Look, Joe!!! Snow, my boy!!""The wide eyed party stumbled out into the blizzard in awe and wonderment at the millions of tiny snow flakes..."

Kressy's babies get their first look at 'snow'! Look, chillrens!
Ah, then it really started snowing, and these were absolutely huge snow flakes! Here's Wes and Rach with their babies, looking charming...Our dear guests begin to arrive!! Here's lovely K. looking adorable in her hat.We were all so incredible thrilled with the snow, and as excited as children, running around squealing and scraping up snow and pelting each other...We missed Mama and Daddy seeing it so very much, but, they were getting to see even more up in NC, and we showed them the pictures. Alas. :) But they had such a wonderful time!
Wesley and Rachel's house in the snow.Tom dear carrying Critter Bug around...Mr. J. said the snowflakes at our house were the biggest he's even seen since being back in the states! Wow. They really were massive.
Aww, I love my home so! Doesn't it look charming in the snow? Of course, I have quite a biased opinion of our little spot of earth, no matter what the weather or state of orderliness. :)My dear brother Cleve!
And dear sissie-hon, Martha! Looking slightly chilly there, 'm dear...Mike and Kress and their little clan! So precious. LOL, I love Kressy's flip flops. :)Men in Snow
And Sisters in snow! As other folks arrived and supper time came, some went ahead and got dinner, while some of us completely forgot about the need for earthly sustenance and went outside to play!
The deal was, we would all have a race to see who could get the biggest snowball. After which we would all compile our efforts and create the worlds most incredible snowman. Here's Willie and Norma doing their bit in this extensive project. :) Willie's choice of hand-wear is very creative, LOL. I never knew oven mitts so were multi purpose....
I just smile when I look at this picture. :) I have the absolute sweetest brothers in the world! Here's Michael Jr. and Gray building a little baby snowman. "Ahh! Watch the camera, young urchins!"Cleve's snow ball's getting bigger!S. and Daisy are precious. :) Love the furry hood, dahling."The placing on of the head will now begin. Dorothy dances a victory dance around the assembled party, and Willie calls friends and relatives with the news of the completed snowman, while Norma solemnly places the head on. Cleveland and Rosie act as witnesses." ;) LOL, we had such a great time out in the cold, with our beloved 1 1/2 inches of the truly beautiful and amazing stuff that we call snow. God is the awesome Creator!! Here's (most of) us, posing with our little snowman. A better view of him. Although he's probably about 20 % grass, we were quite tickled with him.

Huh. He needs a name...I shall call him...Fredrick.

So. We now present to you, Fredrick.
And now presenting the activities after we all came in from 'de snowage...eating, of course, and then a round of different games, and then visiting that kept many of us 'till 2:00, having a wonderful time of fellowship...Above, D. is Rosie's favored one. :)Talking after supper...
Me and Kress laughed so hard when we saw some boy's method of drying his gloves, LOL.More visiting...Sam reads the score for... Guesstures. This pair was soo cute with it...The guessers...
And some of the wonderful actors...Here is a father/son pair...Wow! Now there is a cool and dedicated pair of performers. :)
Haha...I always laugh when I look at this picture. I asked him to smile for the camera, and this is what he gave me. So much more than a smile, baby!At around 12:00...well... :)The gentlemen rejoice in their victory!Dee Dear and Jononathan having 'tome 'pend time..yes! yeesss...