Friday, March 12, 2010

Our "Lonely" Weekend and Snow!

When Daddy and Mama dear went up to North Carolina a few weeks back, to go to the Brown's house for a marriage conference, we kids got lonely down here and decided to have a grill out and invite everybody from our church and some friends over for the evening! With Mums and Pa~pa's ok, of course. :)

So, off we went we went to town and got a ton of hot dogs and such, called everybody and checked the weather, and, HA! For the first time in like, 10 or 15 years, we get our first "real" snow, way down here in Georgia! So much for our bon fire and hot dog roast, eh? :) Hence, we just grilled out on the porch, and had a complete ball playing in our precious snow. Kressy telling a story...always a wonderful event. :)Cleve grilling for us!"Look, Joe!!! Snow, my boy!!""The wide eyed party stumbled out into the blizzard in awe and wonderment at the millions of tiny snow flakes..."

Kressy's babies get their first look at 'snow'! Look, chillrens!
Ah, then it really started snowing, and these were absolutely huge snow flakes! Here's Wes and Rach with their babies, looking charming...Our dear guests begin to arrive!! Here's lovely K. looking adorable in her hat.We were all so incredible thrilled with the snow, and as excited as children, running around squealing and scraping up snow and pelting each other...We missed Mama and Daddy seeing it so very much, but, they were getting to see even more up in NC, and we showed them the pictures. Alas. :) But they had such a wonderful time!
Wesley and Rachel's house in the snow.Tom dear carrying Critter Bug around...Mr. J. said the snowflakes at our house were the biggest he's even seen since being back in the states! Wow. They really were massive.
Aww, I love my home so! Doesn't it look charming in the snow? Of course, I have quite a biased opinion of our little spot of earth, no matter what the weather or state of orderliness. :)My dear brother Cleve!
And dear sissie-hon, Martha! Looking slightly chilly there, 'm dear...Mike and Kress and their little clan! So precious. LOL, I love Kressy's flip flops. :)Men in Snow


OurLilFullFam said...

I just posted our snow pictures too. Wasn't it so much fun?? We love it so much since it doesnt happen very often.

I guess I didn't realize how much of a mess snow made either, coming in and out of the house as many times as we did.

I do laugh when I see those gloves drying too - how creative!


Sami said...

I'm gald yall had fun!!lol I love the gloves too!! IT is so like a boy!!lol

Down the Lane said...

i really enjoyed our snow too! it was great:) well you use what ya got;) (the gloves)

Katherine for the McIntire Clan said...

Great photos, Adeline! The snow covered southern landscape looks enchanting and your house so very cozy. Hope you and yours are enjoying a great week during these early spring days. ~K