Friday, November 12, 2010

The wedding of Blair Brown and Taylor Tsantles

A wedding. How beautiful is a wedding.

When the man and his newly wed wife are passionately in love with their Saviour, and seek to represent Him and His Church, The Bride, to everyone present, all throughout the day, it becomes a glorious, heavenly time.

Such was this one. Praised be God.
The ceremony was so exquisitely simple and poignant. Taylor preached a sermon on the wedding garment before the procession began that made you just thank the Lord once more for His garment of righteousness that He clothes us, His Bride, in. The processional was exciting, as always-I love seeing each of the bride's maids expressions. So sweet. The vows were so holy- seeing two people vow before God and witnesses always makes me cry. And their kiss was precious! (and adorable. :)
Blair was absolutely stunning in a square neck gown with swaths of tulle, with a cascading bouquet of orange roses. Her hair was piled up with white roses tucked into the dark folds-such a lovely girl!
All the beautiful bridesmaids wore dresses of a green/mauve color with turquoise jackets, with pretty clusters of orange flowers. The gentleman wore black suite with turquoise vests. ( I always love seeing what colors a bride chooses!) Ah, and then the reception was so lovely! It was held at her family's incredible farm-a huge white tent was set up near the house so you could go from the house to the tent in just a few steps. Little white lights were strung up everywhere, with twinkling candles all over, making everything feel home-y and warm...a big fire was crackling in the massive stone fireplace, and coffee and homemade cheesecakes were in abundance! It was so good to see the Turleys! (I know that young child has both of his auntie thoroughly wrapped around his finger. :) He is so cute!!)And I got to hug the brides neck and snap her picture real quick-She is so sweet. (The groom is right outside the frame greeting a gentleman, so, sadly I didn't get them both in the shot) A beautiful bride...
Isn't her dress gorgeous? I love the gathered tulle..What a joy it was visiting with these sweet and lovely girls! I was so blessed by being with them. (hope to see you both soon!)

It was such a delight to talk to many people that I had met before, but had never gotten a chance to talk to-you know how sometimes at a conference every body's running around and you see everybody but talk to few. :) So the reception and Sunday afternoon were a delicious visiting treat!
The bride and groom listen to the best man's speech. So sweet...
The crowd assembles for the rice throwing!! Love that girl's coat... ;)

And.... they come!!

They drove off in an adorably decorated golf cart with everyone cheering and sighing...The Brown's graciously invited everyone to a hot supper of chili and bread, and everyone visited for several more hours. What an incredible day.

May the Lord bless the new Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Tsantles!


Anonymous said...

What a handsome couple. We were blessed to meet Blair and her family last summer. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos.



Mrs.Rabe said...


Thank you for posting such lovely photos of the wedding. I watched it online, after the fact.

So glad you got to go...

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

I love the pictures and your wording is perfect! :)

I always love to see an update on the Morton Blog!

~Shiloh for the Strang Family

Anonymous said...

What a great blog post!! You did a great job of narrating! Lord willing we hope to see you soon.
Mrs. Hope

Every Endeavor said...

You did a great job catching the emotion of this wonderful event, I feel like I am living it all over again!
We had a great time with and your precious sister, and I only met one of them. I can imagine the joyous times you all must have as sisters, the laughing and crying and just plain fun you enjoy!!