Friday, November 12, 2010

Now, before we went to the wedding, us kids had a blast tramping around the facinating hotel, looking at the beautiful fish (annoying the dear receptionist ;) and getting a few pictures together. Above is Paul in the elevator, marveling with the rest of us over the tiny tables and chairs below. Oh, and it really was neat, y'all. The elevator was glass, and the trips up and down were quite interesting.
(On us kid's 11th consecutive ride up and then down, the reseptionist told us to leave the elevators alone or it was no breakfast.) (no, I'm 100% joking)
My five little Indians.
Cweve, moi, Edwino's head and Paulito beside the indoor stream.
Marth and me.
Love you, sister mine!
("if you'll notice, one of 'dem is missing." ;)

The goldfish were gianormous. Big brothers are so wonderful.
Love everybody's expressions here.
Goldfish watcher. Concerened security officer. 1900's heart throb. 1950's motion picture producer. Waterfall ovserver. Young lad watching elevater.
All six, incredible men!
I think the cleaning ladies enjoyed our enjoyment. Watched us for 10 minutes.
Cleveland shows us his blue suite case.
( ;P Thanks for bringing in all our stuff, hon)
Having fun in the room with Cleve's new shades! I've offically adopted them. :D

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Mrs.Rabe said...

What a beautiful hotel!