Monday, June 14, 2010

A Month of Sundays....

or maybe a year or two...LOL, some of these are from 2009.

Here begins Le Smorgage Board of joy-filled Sundays!One week at the D.'s (who live in a gorgeous old home with this lush lawn and pretty flowers everywhere) we girls decided to have a photo shoot amongst all the pretty spring-timey-ness. We had a ball, and some of them turned out to be gold. Like the one above. Matching is loads of fun.Angelina!! I think these two were my favorites from the afternoon, along with Dee and Kate's lavender looks. They just fit who they are so well, I think.Campbell dah'ling!Yours truly. Alas, the majority of my precious hat collection is wearing thin. Ah, for a Louis Green giveaway promotional. You know, she really needs to do that...
Sisters, sisters....Never were there such devoted...Sisters.Dear Daisy! She just brightens us my heart when ever I see her! And my darling Marth....Before the service starts, babies are fed and children have an energy release session in the playroom. ;) What a blessing to have so many children toddling around!!
B. was a dear and treated all present to a cool treat when the icecream man rode by that boy.
Tennis one afternoon. Norma and K.-Kin were ruthless. ;D"I'm Bwet Smif, reporting wive from a thmall town tennith match. Asth you can see behind me, the crowd is going wilwd as they watch this epic game of wits and skthill unfolwd in bweath taking panorama. Befo' these two tawented young wadies began to keep the cwowds sthanding in anticipation, we thaw, wive, from this very thpot, Fwitz, Edguw, Thowl and others take placth in this tournament of the decade. For channel 5, this is Bwetskin Smiffie. Back to you, Theff."
Back at the house, our awesome brothers do a show for...all of us down below! Dinner and a show, my dears! (if you look closely in the first one, you can see where Sam is catching the frisbee-wow! Cool guy. :)
The questions is to get down? "Keep bending down, D.-we're almost to the bottom."
In the end they just jumped and left the poor top man in the tree. LOL, he just jumped, and it made for great supper entertaiment. :)

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